GSoC:student application

From Spring

This is the student application for Google Summer of Code. If you're a prospective student, then please fill out this template and post your application in this thread.

Student Application for GSoC

Short introduction of yourself

  • Name:

  • Email:

  • Spring Forum user name:

If you don't have one, please make one here

  • IRC or Spring Lobby nickname:

Your Project

  • What's your goal? What do you want to archive?

  • Why did you select this specific project?

  • What makes you suited to doing this project?

  • How much time do you plan to invest in the project before, during, and after the Summer of Code?


  • Please provide a plan of how you will spend the time on the task. You should aim to define a milestone roughly every week.

Please be realistic -- You will be expected to meet your schedule during the Summer of Code. You will also be required to issue weekly progress reports for the duration of GSoC.

  • Do you have any other commitments during the summer? Bear in mind that your commitment to the Summer of Code is full-time. If you have exams or other commitments that take place during the Summer, make sure you factor those into your schedule and plan to catch up later.

  • After the summer, do you envision the project being extended into the future? No concrete plans are required here, just some ideas of where you might like to take the project once the Summer of Code has ended.

Your Skills

  • What platform do you use to code? Hardware specifications and operating system

  • Did you code in C++/Lua, yes/no? what's your experience? Did you contribute to other similar projects?

Spring and You

  • Have you been involved in Spring development in the past? What was your contribution?

  • Have you worked on other open-source projects in the past? If so, which, when, and in what role?

If you need help filling out the application, ask on the forum or in the IRC/lobby. Please don't hesitate to contact us!