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Expand & Exterminate

Development on E&E stopped and after some time changes to the Spring engine made it incompatible. Google_Frog fixed it to work with current Spring: EE Fixed for

URC units outside a GD stronghold.


A well defended GD stronghold.

Expand and Exterminate offers three very unique and dynamic factions fighting for global domination. Each faction has its own design and fighting style that requires players to employ their own style of combat to defeat opponents. All three teams also have their own unique super weapons that offer great strategic difference. Expand and Exterminate is set in the near future that includes many futuristic and even alien-like vehicles for combat.

Expand and Exterminate is currently discontinued.

Download it here:
- V .46 (current)
- V .43 (oudated)

Single Player:

Faction Overview

Global Dynasty


A tank force that uses brute force to push through enemies. GD uses conventional weapons like miniguns, cannon shells, and rockets along with more specialized laser and nuclear weapons. In a one on one fight, GD has the stronger units but they also have higher costs and build times. Their airforce consists of jets and helicopters. GD Unit Guide

United Robot Confederation


Enforces control through walking mechanized units that use stealth and versatility to attack. URC's main weapons are plasma and rockets with both flamethrowers and cannons showing up on more specialized units. URC units are the best at climbing hills and can navigate high terrain better than any other faction. Their airforce consists of Vtols. URC Unit Guide

New Initiative


Utilizies heavy amounts of hovercraft and aircraft to swiftly move and attack enemies, great for raiding. They also expand quicker than the other two factions but those expansions are quite fragile. The NI use exotic weapons such as lightning, lasers and photon systems along with conventional rockets. Includes largest and strongest airforce of all three factions. (This faction is not currently available but is under active development)


Unknown force that fields bipedal and hovering ground combat units. This side is able to clone and morph many of its units to build up larger forces or advance to a new tech. They have the most powerful and most expensive units on the battlefield. They have a smaller air force than the other sides thats based on flying drones.



In this guide you will learn how to utilize the GD's greatest attribute: staying power, and minimize their weakness: lack of mobility.

  • STAYING POWER - GD units generally have more armor, better range, and greater firepower than the combat units of the other factions. This allows GD tanks to form a line and focus fire on incoming enemies. GD also has better artillery than the other factions. The higher you climb the tech lvls the more armor hp damage and turrets you get on your units. At lvl 3 GD's tanks are lumbering behemoths with multiple turrets spewing fire in many directions. The key word in that last sentence is lumbering for those tanks are slow so either transport them or hide them till they are in range.
    • LVL1
    • LVL2
    • LVL3
  • CENTRALIZED RESOURCING - GD basic mexes give energy, so you won't need to build a reactor immediately. GD also has a light gas plant that gives the same amount of energy as the mexes. When you're getting around to building a nuclear reactor it gives 2x+ more energy than its closest equivalent (URC fusion). While this means less building you had better space out your reactors cause they go up like nukes. At lvl3 the Gd get the ability to make a Super reactor that produces around 2000 energy. GD also may construct armed mexes, allowing them to more easily hold territory and making raiding difficult but are more expensive.
  • LACK OF MOBILITY - Overall GD is the slowest of the three factions. GD's first transport unit is available in the lvl1 air plant and is a key unit in their plans. Armed mexes combined with the rapid deployment of units via air transports helps minimize GD's lack of mobility. GD light tanks can climb fairly well, lvl2 tanks have more difficulty, lvl3 tanks have horrid climbing ability. At lvl3 the GD receive a heavily armored transport helo. With a little skill (and some pre raid destruction) these will be able to penetrate enemy airspace and drop of their precious cargo.
  • METAL RAIN - GD arty will devastate almost any target save air units. They have an advantage vs any side but they are expensive and slow moving so you must protect them wisely. Lvl 1 arty is good support for your tanks and can help soften up a defensive line before a push. Lvl 2 arty is more effective than its lvl 1 cousin, where as the lvl 1 arty fired straight up in high trajectory, the lvl 2 can fire both in low and high trajectories. The main difference is in accuracy, with low trajectory having higher accuracy. At lvl 3 the GD gain both saturation artillery and nuke artillery. The saturation arty is like its lvl 1 cousin in that it fires straight up but that is the end of similarities. With four barrels this unit puts out a constant stream of shells that is devastating to both static defense and mobile units. The nuke artillery is a devastating weapon if used correctly. You must pay for each individual shell you fire so this is gonna be expensive unit to use in bulk or consistently. However the power unleashed form this units is devastating. The GD also have a tactical nuke launcher. Similar to the nuke artillery, you must pay for each missile you fire. The main difference between them is accuracy. The tactical nuke is perfect for pinpoint strikes while the nuke arty can and does miss so be forewarned.

GD is all about brute force; avoid your enemies' emplacements if you can, but you can likely roll right over them. Lasers are particularly good at taking down defensive turrets (as well as units).-Decimator

Most definitely. Don't forget to mix your units as well. -Shadowsage


this short guide you will explain URC's best attributes, agility and stealth.

  • Mobility - To begin, when using the URC faction its best to take advantage of their ability to climb steep slopes and mountains. There are a number of ways to utilize this advantage as you have the ability to attack from angles no other faction can. Its advised that when possible that you should attack from the steepest ground possible as GD and NI units will usually not be able to follow you and your units will gain greater firing range. But most important to URC strategy is the potential for invading bases by avoiding defenses. While GD shoves through defenses and NI runs through it, the URC can completely ignore it by going through high terrain to surprise attack an opponent's base. If the high terrain is steep enough, you're assured that neither GD or NI can build defenses on their hills or mountains around their base.
  • STEALTH - The URC are the only faction to have units that cloak. After you have put up your early economy and first land factory use spiders (cheap, cloakable spy units that can build cameras and mines) very early in game to put cameras around key positions and to observe enemy bases. A good objective to keep in mind is to use this unit as your eyes and ears to basically monitor your enemies base for an undefended route that you can use late game to invade. Be sure to build a few battle mechs and a couple construction mechs afterwards to properly expand in early game. During middle to late game, you can build a stealth factory to produce a variety of medium strength attack mechs that can both cloak and jam radars. At the cost of this ability however these mechs are more expensive and take less damage than their non-stealth counterparts. Therefore its advised to use these units in small raiding parties to disrupt and destroy the opponents economy. Do not mainly focus them on aiding your main armies in combat as its not cost effective, they are best used for surprising un-protected bases.

As URC you have many options open to you in conquest. Even though I have written guidelines for a suggested play style, you can still win without using stealth and agility, its entirely up to your gameplay style. You may find that using URC as brute force works better for you, as they can operate a highly strong head on function in proper numbers. Whatever your style is, URC can probably fit into it. -Flintlock

Your increased mobility on the ground combined with stealth can give you as a URC player the option of choosing when and where you battle, a decisive point. As Flintlock said, you can essentially run successfully with any of an array of play styles. -Neddiedrow


Aliens are the newest race to enter the E&E battlezones and also one of the most unique. This quick guide should give you a heads up as to how they operate.

  • CLONE AND MORPH - Rather than using traditional factories like GD or URC, the aliens increase their forces (and tech level) by cloning or morphing their units. The commander can construct the scout, construction and light combat forms. These units are built the same way as a building. To get more of these units, the commander can build more or a live unit can clone itself. Cloning will stop whatever the unit was currently doing and freeze it in place. As the process moves along the clone's outline will flash next to the cloning unit. Once cloning is finished the unit can go back to what it was doing (though builders will not automatically go back to building something they started) and the clone is ready to go. Aircraft however cannot morph or clone and must be built by the appropriate level Anti Air form. Ships can clone but not morph, in order to access higher level ships you'll need a higher level constructor.
  • Morphing works similarly to cloning except the unit that is morphed from is lost (in a sense you are "upgrading" that unit to the new type). The morph tree is here. You will know you are morphing as the build pic will be overlaid with the word Morph.

  • EARLY GAME - The aliens have the most powerful units in the game, one vs. one they will beat their counterparts in the other factions. However this comes at the cost of a high price tag both in resources and building/cloning/morphing time. It is imperative that an alien player spread out and take as many metal deposits on the map as possible. This is best done using the scout form. Scout forms are cheap, fast, have long Line of Sight, and can very quickly get Extraction Pylons up over a large radius. Going construction form first will stall your economy to the point where you might never recover.
  • Generally two Extractors and four Energies will be enough to cover early unit costs.
  • After the inital set of Scouts (2-4)and Light Combat Forms(0-2), have you commander go on to building 6-7 or so Energy Pylons.
  • Use cloning and morphing to increase your army size and diversity but always have some "live" units to deal with enemies.
  • Storage is very important for the aliens as an excess of resources allows cloning and morphing whenever its needed. 3-4 storage will carry you through most of a match but spares are always nice to have.




Mod Creation

  • Fang - Created all of E&E, scripted, textured, modeled and compiled
  • Smoth - Scripting and modeling advice, and much other assistance
  • Argh - Scripting and modeling advice, as well as much other assistance
  • Ground Zero - Provided modeling help and sounds
  • Nemo - Weapon setup assistance
  • Forboding Angel - Cursors/Loading Screens/Sounds
  • Wasp - Buildpics/Icons/Website help

Additional Help

  • Decimator - Wrote GD Strategy
  • Flintlock - Initial Promotional/Biography/Wiki/Graphic Designs
  • Zoombie - Unit Guides
  • j5mello - Wiki

Alpha Testing

  • Big Steve
  • Cabbage
  • DasBruce
  • DavetheBrave
  • Decimator
  • Drexion
  • GuiltySpark
  • OverDamage
  • Flintlock
  • Forboding Angel
  • J5mello
  • Smoth
  • Tenebrous
  • Wasp

Beta Testing

  • Sleksa
  • WarhammerC
  • Cronyx
  • Chapparal
  • Sekhmet/Neddiedrow
  • Aun
  • Kixxe
  • Krogothe
  • Drone_Fragger

Current Players

  • Thank you for playing and keep giving input on the current version.

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