GD Unit Guide

From Spring
A well defended GD stronghold.

Level One: Land

Vladost: Light cannon tank


The Vladost forms the bulk of any Global Dynasty force. These durable tanks are equiped with a double-barreled cannon. They are best used in lines where their superior range and damage can inflict heavy losses on the enemy. Vladosts nearly always shoot first in an engagement.

Petra: Light missile tank


The Petra serves as a support unit for the GD forces. Their arcing missile fire allows them to bring their weapons to bear no matter their surroundings. Due to its inferior armor this unit should be put to the rear of a combat force, where it can use its indirect fire to greater effect.

Taiga: Light laser tank


The Taiga fires a short-ranged continuous laser at enemy targets, rapidly cutting through their armor. Faster than other GD units as well as more heavily armored these untis excel at short range combat. Their superior damage against structures makes them ideal for flank attacks or especially as candidates for covert airdrops.

Vladost IIC: Radar tank


The Vladost IIC is a GD forces eyes and ears. Equipped with a short range sensor suit these tanks can improve line of sight as well as providing mobile radar. However Armed with only a single-barreled cannon and reduced armor these are not a substitue for light cannon tanks. They will however tilt the balance in your favor allowing your forces to engage the enemy from maximum range and detecting flank attacks.

Tchernia LT: Ion Cannon Tank


The GD's ace in the hole when it comes to rapid strikes by the enemy, the Tchernia Ion Cannon Tank is literally a show stopper, armed with a single large bore ion cannon this tank is capable of stopping any enemy units in it's tracks with an EMP pulse. Due to its expensive cost and high energy use this tank should be built sparingly, however it can turn the tide should you face a numerically superior foe.

Pavost Light Artillery


The Pavost light artillery is the back bone of the GD's early long range divisions. Capable of putting a hail of fire on a target area when grouped, The Pavost will get your enemy moving, weakened and confused. However Pavost light artillery have very thin armor, if caught alone it has no chance of survival.

Pavost AAI: Light Anti-air tank


The Pavost AAI is the first line in the GD's defense against aerial attacks. Its Light Flak cannon can easily dispatch light aircraft of all sorts, and built in mass it can even deal with medium aircraft. These should be included in all attack forces to protect against aerial attack. As heavier aircraft become present on the battlefield the Pavost AAI may require support from other anti air elements.

Vladost IAMP


A perfect surprise for your enemies, this modified Vladost tank known as the IAMP version, has been refitted with a amphibious suit for navigating even deep water. Equipped with the same double-barreled cannon as its land going counterpart this tank can still pack a punch. However the Amphibious Vladost is easy prey for ships and submarines lacking anyway to retaliate against them. Use them with care, as a well planned and executed amphibious assault can breach even the most heavily defended stronghold.

Kamir I'


This light fast scout tank is capable of building remote camera's and camoflaged radar. Great for roving ahead of an attack force and determining the oposition. This scout tank is perfect for harassing the enemy, keeping tabs on distant parts of your territory, clearing minefields and quickly reclaiming debris on the battlefield.

Gurnz construction vehicle


The Gurnz is your ticket to victory. It may be ugly, it's crew may be surly and ill trained, it's paint might be chipped and it might smell, but the Gurnz is still your basic building unit. It can construct level one buildings and level two HUBs, allowing you to tech up to the next level of units.

Tales from the Front

January 23, 3132 AD Denmark Campaign 24 km outside URC held Helden (Formerly Odense)

“The Vladost battle tank's control room sounded like a better choice to me when I first joined up. It was either that or the helo division. And every single time I took the plane to Kong I spent the entire time in the head, retching.

It had 'sounded' good. Now I was seriously reconsidering that.

“Explosive! Explosive rounds, damn it!” Victor kicked me in the back. He was well situated, his head sticking out of the copula, his legs right near my upper back and head. I put my eye against the looker and spotted the enemy bots round the hill. I fingered the trigger, my other hand telling the auto-loader to give us a explosive. A bolt of plasma burnt into the side of our tank and I yelped as the room became boiling hot for a moment. Then the damage control systems kicked in and the air reached a livable temperature. For revenge, I pulled the trigger.

BOOM! BANG! I swear the second cannon sounds different from the first. I swear it, but neither the driver, nor my commander believe me. No matter. The explosive shell smashes into the ground between the two bots and smoke fills my scanner scope. A secondary explosion kicks up more dirt. The second shell hits and another explosion kicks up even more dust. The dust clears and I grin. Both bots are down.

WHAM! Something slams me in the back of my head. Smoke fills the cabin and Victor is screaming something. I reach for my escape hatch. It doesn't open. Victor kicks me in the back, scrambling out of his hatch. The gunner isn't screaming. I smell burnt meat. Another something slams into the tank and my head smashes against the wall. Then hands are grabbing me, pulling me up. I scramble out, stars dancing in front of my eyes.

Victor throws me off the tank and I hit the dirt, wheezing. He is about to jump when the tank itself explodes violently. I stand, my head ringing, blood running down the side of my head. Bits of the tank land all around me, piffing into the dirt ground. My knees knock together as it hits me. Victor might have been a bastard...and Hoe, the gunner, he'd been all right...

I hear the stomp stomp stomp of URC mechs. I turn around and see the four mechs that had hit us...bastards had crested the hill we were sitting against. Where was the rest of the battle group! I turned, trying to see some tanks.

None. I was alone.

I turned back to the robos. I supposed the plasma would be quick...I closed my eyes.

And that was what saved my eyes. A flash, brighter than anything I thought possible, burst through my eye lids. I hit the ground and heat washed over me. I opened my eyes in time to see the robos fall down. A brilliant, beautiful cloud rose above the city of Odense. It was shaped like the mushrooms I used to eat when I was a kid.

“Holy shit,” I muttered. “They did it. They really did it.”

So thats why we had been stationed here. Thats why the GD had pulled back. I felt cold. If I had known how bad it was going to get...I'd have deserted. But at the time I only known one thing: The war had gone nuclear."

Level One: Air

Doppler: Radar/Sonar Helo


The helicopter is small, cheap and can be used to patrol the area around your base, extending your radar and sight range. Useful as a mobile spotter and a submarine finder, the Doppler can make your day much easier.

Cossack: Interceptor Helicopter


Equipped with air to air missiles, the Cossack is perfect for taking down the enemy bombers. Capable of destroying most enemy aircraft (assuming the Cossack team has numbers on its side) the Cossack is a must have for total air superiority.

Khan: Attack Helicopter


The Khan is a gunship, equipped with deadly heavy machine guns, the Khan is suited to destroying enemy patrols and harassing enemy forces. Remember to pull it back before it's fuel supplies run low, or it will not be coming back from it's mission. Best used in packs to destroy isolated pockets of resistance, hunt down fleeing enemies, or blasting apart undefended buildings.

Grund: Light Transport Helicopter


A swift transport, the Grund is capable of trasnporting light units. Unfortunately it's speed is balanced by a complete lack of armor, guns or anything that will allow it to survive enemy attacks. Use it to ferry unit's around safe territory, or carefully sneak it through the enemy's defensive line.

Tales from the Front

December, 25 3132 AD. GD 'tactical withdrawal' Somewhere over Siberia. 

I bounced in my cockpit and watched my army fall back. It felt bad, It felt worse than the day Moriscaw was plasma bombed by the robo bastards. It felt even worse than when my first son had died.

“Damn it. Damn it!” I muttered, keeping my voice off the radio. The rest of my squad didn't near to hear me going to pieces. Hell, I didn't need to hear me going to pieces. A sudden buffet of wind shook my Cossack. That made me pay attention. Siberia killed. It had killed when my ancient ancestors had fought the Nazis, it had killed before would kill after I and mine had gone by too.

But the one thing it wouldn't...couldn't kill was the robos. URC mechs marched underneath us, bolts of plasma lighting up the ground. Occasionally one of our tanks would fire back...more often, they would explode brightly. Like a star in the night sky.

“Contact!” Kim shouted, his voice crackling over my radio. I snapped back to focus, my training taking over. The red dots on my radar screen were going to fast to be tanks, too slow to be fighters. Bombers...and the computer in my radar projected their course to the bridge. Shit!

“Form up on my mark,” I said. “Don't let a single one of those bombers get past!”

I moved my joystick and the Cossack moves about. I see the bombers. Wide, engines glowing. They're not even trying to hide! I grin, reading my heat seeking missiles.

“Missiles away!” I shout. The missiles streak towards the bombers. One impacts, then the other. The bomber falls out of the sky, trailing smoke. It hits the ground and it's plasma hold lights up with a bright green flash. Missiles streak past me as my wingmates open fire. Two more bombers go down.

“This is too easy...” I murmur. I let go two missiles and the last bomber explodes.

I wait for the shoe to drop.

Nothing. I bring my Cossack back to the patrol route.

“Hey, why can't they make it this easy each time?” That's...Vlad. Then warning indicators flash and his helo's signals vanish. A flash bursts through my windshield and I look to the side. Vlad's helo, whats left of it, falls to the ground.

“Missles! Break, break break!” I shout. Another one of the helo's, this time Kim's, explodes. “Fall back!”

The remains of my squad peels towards the bride. As we leave the operational area, my radar detects more URC bombers heading towards the bridge.

Level Two: Land

Khrushchev: Medium battle tank


Armed and armored like a...tank, the Khrushchev is a deadly weapon on the battle. Slow, but heavily armored, the Khrushchev is armed with two cannons and a mini-gun that can take down a verity of targets. The Khrushchev, in numbers, is a platform capable of handling any number of enemy ground units. Beware: It's lack of mobility and can lead it it's doom through enemy flanking maneuvers and sneak attacks.

Irveranguz: Medium Missle Tank


With arching missiles and heavier armoring, the Irveranguz can destroy enemies located behind hills, around corners and so on. Use it to back up the direct fire power of your tanks, and to control crowds through it's high AOE.

Kirovich: Medium Laser Tank


With no less than four short range, high powered lasers, the Kirovich is a fast assault raider, capable of burning down enemy buildings in a flash. Beware: High energy usage make this tank a nuclear powered beast that can destroy your economy. Make sure your power plants are running at full tilt.

Aurora: Bombardment Artillery


The Aurora brings death at long range, with two massive barrels and an infinite amounts heavy shells. Unlike its level 1 counterpart, it can fire horizontally. This feature, if used with care, can be used to devestate aproaching armies if their positions are wel known. It is also slower and more unwieldy than the Pavost light artillery. Use it with care, and be sure to protect it, as it is an expensive investment.

Tchernia: Medium Ion Cannon


A larger, longer ranged, more heavily armored version of the Tchernia LT, with duel cannons, the Tchernia is a non-lethal weapon that can turn the tide of battle by paralyzing your enemies and styming their advanced. Guaranteed “Blitzkrieg Stopper”

Yatioa: AA Tank”


A heavy Flak wielding tank, this tank is capable of destroying URC VTOLS en mass. Keep it protected from a ground assault.

Yakovitch: ECM Tank


Equipped with nothing but a machine gun, the Yakovitch is still one of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal. Capable of hiding an entire attack force from enemy radar, the Yakovitch is the way to sneak your army behind the enemies gates.

Vaikovic: Minelayer Tank


Capable of building light and medium mines, use the Vaikovic to cover the entrances into your base. Capable of stopping all but the most determined (or suicidal) enemies, mine fields are your best friend when it comes to defense.

Khrushchev IAMP: Amphibious Battle Tank


Equipped with standard suicide pills and self contained air supply, this version of the Khrushchev is perfect for delivering a nasty water born shock to the enemy.

Irveranguz IIAMP: Amphibious Missile Tank


With watertight seals for the missiles and an air tight command cabin, this version of the Irveranguz can cross waters and support your Amphibious Khrushchevs

Kurzt IAMPT: Amphibious Torpedo Tank


The only amphibious tank that comes without suicide pills, the Kurzt is capable of firing torpedoes at sea targets. Use them to cover your amphibious assaults.

Yatioa IIAMP: Amphibious AA Tank


An anti air tank that's also capable of crossing water passages. Use them to create a all purposes water born assault.

Tales from the Front

August, 1, 3156 AD. Tokeyo Defense Campaign. 10 km outside GD held Yokohama

Five helos flew over head. They were...I grinned. I wondered if Dyana was in one of those. She and I had met...was it a year already? I had been in the Siberian pull back, the Denmark campaign...

Had it been a decade? A decade? This war had been going on longer than my sister had lived. Longer than Dyana's son. Now that had been a sobering conversation.

“Hey! Mal! Radio just chimed in and we're moving out!”

I sat up, folding the mirror I had been using to aid my sunbathing. The thing they didn't tell you about Khrushchevs is that not only are they excellent main battle tanks, awesome engines of destructions and so on and so forth, but also amazing

Maybe the sun was cooking my brain instead of just my skin.

“Moving where?” I asked, walking across the hood of the tank to my copula and slipped into my seat. Jaeger and Henekle got into their positions, Henekle near the front of the tank, next to the machine gun. She would be getting us where we were going. Jaeger sat in front of me, in a nicely kick able location. I refrained from abusing my command privileges such, instead slapping the side of the turret, grinning. “Where to!”

“Point A-5,” Henekle said.

“Full speed!” I said. Around us, the rest of the division was moving out. Some Tagia's paved the way in front of us, followed by some older Vladost tanks. I remembered when Vladosts had been the forefront of tank warfare. That was back when the robos had used light, four legged bots. Now they had started to use larger, two legged ones. They hit harder and packed more armor...but less armor than our stuff. They're first strikes against Yohohama had been rebuffed, their flanks broken by Iron Rain. Thats what we called the 432nd artillery division. Iron Rain.

The other Khrushchevs moved along our sides, each of their commanders relaxing in their cupolas. There was a jovial air to our movements. As if we were driving to a party instead of an attack. The URC must have regretted attacking the Japanise Islands by no-

A Tagia in front of us exploded. I ducked down, heart hammering in my chest. What the...bombers!

But the sky was clear. Two helos flew over head, as if to make sure. I knew Dyana wouldn't let a single robo fla through, let alone a tac bomber.

This time a Khrushchev next to me cooked up. It hit me, the same time it hit our commanders.

“You have entered a mine field at point A-3. Halt and wait for the sappers. Wait for the sappe-”

Another Khrushchev cooked up. That one had been sitting still. A green bolt burned its way across my eyes and I pointed to the side, shouting at Jaeger. For a moment I slipped back into Russionease, but caught myself. My tank crew just had to be Repatriated East German. This time I got it right, but it had cost us valuable seconds. Another vehicle cooked up, a Kirovich.

“Robos! That way!” I pointed. Not exact, but it got Jaeger to turn the turret. Cannon reports sounded. The turret turned and I saw the mechs full on. Two leggers, all of them. Most were plasma...but a single one had a shotgun slung under one side.


The shotgun blasted and the cannon rounds blasted into our sides.

“Henekle, move us backwards!” I shouted. “Jaeger, bag us that shotgunner!”

Two other Khrushchev commanders had the same idea. The shotgunner exploded. The URC attack peeled off, but the damage had been done. Behind us, explosions sounded. The radio squawked.

“Tank group, retreat back to Yotohama base. Total URC attack is under way. Repeat. Total URC attack is under way!

Level Two: Air

Zukov: Air Attack helicopter


Deadly air superiority fighter, this is the heavy fighter can take down enemy planes nicely and survives longer than the Cossack.

Kharkrov: Cluster Bomber


Capable of saturating an area with high yield explosives, this helo is affectionately referred to it's pilots as 'Cluster<explative deleated>er' Because the enemy up.

Kharkrov II: Ground Attack Helicopter


A rearmed Cluster Bomber, the Kharkroc II is capable of sticking around and delivering missile after missile to it's targets. Use it as a harassment or harrying role, capable of slowing or even destroying an undefended convoy.

Orsk: Tactical Bomber


Where the Kharkrov is a weapon on massive destruction, the Orsk is a scalpel. Capable of destroying a single target then return home, the Orsk is useful for taking out a radar dish, a factory...whatever needs destroying.

Murnmansk: Anti-ship Bomber


The terror of the high seas, the Murnmansk is capable of destroying enemy shipping. Dropping a torpedo into the oceans at high speeds, the Murnmanks should be used to cover for your navy.

Tales from the Front

August, 1, 3156 AD. Japan Defense Campaign. 10 km above GD held Sydney.

“Shit!” I muttered, jerking on my stick. The missile locks blared. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! I thumbed the flare button and the lock on failed. As I turned my Zukov round, I saw the base outside my window.

Bedlam. The robos were rolling through the defensive line, plasma fire and shotgun blasts shattering buildings, blowing apart construction vehicles. Then I saw mechs fall under cannon and laser fire. The tank group had returned. It was smaller...smaller enough to make my heart falter slightly. Mal might be in one of the tanks left back in that damned mine field...

I spun the Zukov around again, detecting inbound targets. Bombers. I triggered my missiles and they smashed into the air. Both hit and the first URC bomber went down. They're escort showed up, two fighter VTOLS breaking away from the fighter swarm. They fired and the missiles shot towards me and my wing mate. I dropped, turning off my blades at the right moment. The missile missed.

My wing mate wasn't that lucky. His Zukov exploded, smashing into the ground. I fired my next pair of missiles, locking onto both VTOLs. My missiles peeled off and struck both robos. One blew up and smashed into the ground. The other survived with minor damage, darting through the air at me. It fired it's missiles. In an instant I saw them heading towards me. I tanked on my stick, pulling off a maneuver that would have sent me into the ground...if the missile hadn't hit me first.

A warning blared in my ears and slammed my fist down on the eject. The cockpit exploded...then I shot down, away from the Helicopter, which smashed onto a URC mech. The mech, to my fury, didn't explode. I hung from the silk, looking over the battlefield. The URC bombers flew over the base.

A flurry of plasma tore though he ground, buildings, tanks. People. Smoke began to rise as URC flame throwers began to burn up the base. I saw the wrecks of half our tanks, the buildings burning, the helos downed or fighting a desperate battle in the sky.

But the URC simply had more. They always had more.

I hit the ground, rolling with the impact. I disengaged my parachute, trying to get as far away from the base as possible as I could on foot. I felt the ground shake, clomp, clomp, clomp. I turned around, slowly. A URC two legger stood, it's plasma barrels glowing. It fired again, the bolts of plasma incredibly hot. I gasped, ducking as the URC stepped over me, walking forward.

I stood and ran. The sky above me was filled with URC planes. The only other thing in the air...was smoke.

I got to the perimeter, where a massive hole had been torn by a URC explosive. I ducked out and looked around. Sydney was north...but where was north? A Khrushchev rolled past me, firing backwards as it drove forward. A plasma bolt impacted in its back and it exploded, the blast knocking me off my feet.

I stood up, brushing my shirt off. I chose a random direction, any direction away from the base...and ran.

Level Three: Land

Ural: Heavy Battle Tank


The Ural. A name that can inspire fear in the enemy. The Ural is a heavy death platform. Equipped with a staggering level of firepower, the Ural is a leviathan, capable of rolling over the enemy if used en mass. A single Ural can strengthen a battle line, while a battle line of Urals is deadly beyond belife. Warning: The Ural is equipped with two front cannons, two side turrets and a double barreled turret. The only way every gun can be fired would be if the Ural was facing straight forward. Ural is weak if flanked. Check your corners.