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Engine source code

Important Links

Important Community and Development links to git repos & subprojects.

Compiling Engine

How to build the Spring engine from source.

Engine Development

Information regarding contributing to the source code of the Spring engine.

Lobby Development (Clients and Servers)

Information regarding contributing to the source code of the different lobby clients and servers available for Spring.

Game Development

Lots of links to valuable Articles and forum threads regarding Game, Mod & Unit Development.

Map Development

Tutorials and other useful information for creating maps.

Lua Development

Information regarding the use of the supplementary Lua scripting language for Widgets and beyond.

AI Development

All you ever wanted to know about Skirmish AI Development for Spring, and more. This includes Skirmish and Lua AIs.

Infrastructure Development

Information about springs infrastructure

Quick Links

Development forums
Look at the development forums for ongoing progress and discussion

Report Bugs
Submit patches and bug reports here

Source Code
View and fork the project on GitHub.

Commit Newsfeed
View git commits as they happen.