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Lobby server: UberServer

cross-platform, Python, by aegis

The primary lobby server currently running on springrts.com. Most protocol commands in the primary documentation should be fully-functional and compatible between both uberserver and SpringLS (SpringLS hasn't seen as many updates recently). See the dedicated uberserver for more info.

Full featured lobby clients


Linux, Windows, Mac , C++, by Koshi, Braindamage, Abma and many others

github: repository + issues

Zero-K systems

ZeroK Server

cross-platform, C#, by Licho

Zero-K lobby server. Uses a different protocol. Source can be found at https://github.com/ZeroK-RTS/Zero-K-Infrastructure/tree/master/ZkLobbyServer

Zero-K Lobby

No longer uses the Spring lobby protocol

Windows/Linux, C#, by Licho & quantum

Zero-K Lobby github

Legacy systems

Legacy lobbiy clients

From mostly functional, to WIP, abandoned or unusable. Apparently, its much harder to make a lobby client than most people think.


Linux, C++, by cleanrock, only maintained actively for use with the Zero-K lobbyserver.

github page


cross-platform, C++, mostly unmaintained

project site


Windows, Delphi, unmaintained


Windows, C, unmaintained

Alphalobby is still very much work in progress. If you still wish to use it, source available from the mercurial repository, binary available on the springfiles page.


cross-platform, Java, by Cheesecan

forum thread

binaries and code


cross-platform, C++, unmaintained

project page


cross-platform, Python, by BrainDamage & koshi

A bot framework written in python. GitHub wiki

Go SpringLobbyClient

cross-platform, Go

A simple client implementation of the lobby protocol in Go. project page

Legacy lobbyservers


cross-platform, Java, hoijui

The longest-running lobby server, created by Betalord. You can fetch the sources through git. Details can be found on the development site.