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172px-Symbol comment vote.svg.png all tutorials on this page are outdated. use Map_development for up to date instructions

Full Guides For Map Making (Outdated)

The guides listed below are outdated and scheduled for archival.

Specific Guides (Extremely Outdated!)

The linked pages below are scheduled for archival.

Features. Stones, rocks, trees, for your map can be found at:

Reference and FAQs (Outdated) (Deprecated)


A useful tip, on almost every map in a 1v1 you will start opposite your opponent unless you choose your position. this is because random order simply randomly distributes players at the default start points which in almost every map are opposite each other. One exception that I know of is flooded desert where you both start on the left hand island.

Make sure that your map's ideas and game-play is sound before you release it for good. Do a lot of beta testing and learn about good level design! You can learn about what makes a good map by playing on good maps, so play often and map well. -url00

Map making: SM3 (Experimental) (Deprecated)

SM3 (Spring Mapformat 3) is getting allong nicely and maps using this format can be made. The following is documented so far.

NOTE: SM3 format is broken at the moment, do not use it. It only renders at all if sm3 shaders are disabled in springsettings, and even then with very low fps working now: but performance is untested, . Software rendering is corrupted on nvidia cards, but not on ati ( unverified )