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See if the bug and a solution are already known

Check that it isn't already visible somewhere near the top of the relevant bugtracker:

Spring Engine bugtracker (mantis)

Spring Lobby (github)

Replay Site (github)

Or see the relevent project pages for links to other bug trackers. There is also a helps and bugs forum.

How to report bugs

To report a bug, please give a description, what is going wrong and how it can be reproduced. what steps are required to reproduce it? If required to reproduce the bug add a script or/and a link to the Game/Map.

Logfiles, screenshots, replays

  • It is best to always attach infolog.txt, as it contains system/driver/version info and a stacktrace if spring crashed.
  • Attach a replay: often Bugs can't be reproduced, its often better to see something than to only read about that.
  • Screenshots are taken with the F12 key and saved in the \screenshots\ folder. You can attach them to postings or upload on site such as: imgur.com , abload.de

If a dev asks you for more information, please answer his questions. Try to avoid endless discussions why a bug was introduced, be polite!

If you want more tips for a good bug-report, please read "How to Report Bugs Effectively" The better the bug-report, the better the chances, that it will be fixed!

Where to report bugs

Bugs in individual games should be reported to the game developers - contact the game developer first if you are unsure.

As a player who needs help or thinks they found a bug

Do not be afraid to ask for help in the forum. Read the guidelines above so people can help you as good as possible.

As a developer who found a bug

If you found a bug in the Spring Engine, please report it to the bug tracker. Before filling a bug, please look if someone else already has reported this issue.

Also please:

  1. disable LuaRules/LuaUI for testing
  2. debug all relevant Lua callins

Bugs should be reported for latest release version and latest develop version.