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    PID # Product VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0004475197.0.1+gitmajorresolved (cleanrock)2014-07-22AddConsoleLine is only called a finite number of times.
  0004476 97.0minornew2014-07-20Top left corner underwater startboxes result in green screen tint
  0004474697.0.1+gitfeaturenew2014-07-19[PR] FPS mode improvements
  0004473 97.0.1+gitmajorresolved (abma)2014-07-17can't run more than once spring.exe at once
  0004455597.0.1+gitminornew2014-07-17Stuck in drawing mode
  00044612097.0.1+gitmajornew (Kloot)2014-07-15jitter in singleplayer after /give all and move order
  0004472197.0.1+gitminornew2014-07-13Windowed spring 97.0.1-176 lag my desktop
  000356010minornew2014-07-11(mantis) filter settings are randomly changing, has search entries i never entered
  0004471 97.0.1+gitminornew2014-07-11Area commands are spherical instead of cylindrical
  0004443297.0.1+gitfeatureresolved (Kloot)2014-07-08The case for 'maneuverleashlength'
  0004442397.0.1+gitminornew2014-07-07beep noise with alt+key in windows
  0004470197.0.1+gitmajornew2014-07-07Java AI's cause segfault on attempt to query an unit's customParams
  0004469397.0.1+gitminorresolved (abma)2014-07-07type conversion error with mingw
  0004466697.0.1+gitminornew2014-07-07Underwater unit's icon is drawn behind water.
  0004468397.0.1+gitminorresolved (jK)2014-07-06boost needs updating to 1.55 for mingw compile
  00044631featureresolved (jK)2014-07-06make archivecache.lua file name versioned again
  0003634 minorassigned (abma)2014-07-05merge dl/buildbot/default/master & dl/
  0003512 92.0.1+gitminorresolved (abma)2014-07-05UtilVersion.cmake doesn't check version when build from git repo
  0004467497.0.1+gitmajorresolved (abma)2014-07-03Spring crashes when multiple AI's are sent SkirmishAIMessages and at least one does implement.
  0004464 97.0.1+gitminorresolved (Kloot)2014-07-02Ground bounce is broken.
  0004465 97.0.1+gitminornew2014-07-01There is chance that unit stuck in factory after finished build, and can't get out.
  00044271597.0.1+gitminorresolved (cleanrock)2014-06-30Jerky unit animations when rejoining a game on 97.0.1-19
  00044622minorresolved (abma)2014-06-29compile with space/special char in path doesn't work
  0004459897.0.1+gitmajorresolved (abma)2014-06-28ArchiveScanner search (*.smf, *.sm3) file in Mods cost alot of time
  0004449297.0.1+gitminorresolved (Kloot)2014-06-26mingw compile error: cast from 'const void*' to 'long unsigned int' loses precision
  0004457597.0.1+gitmajorresolved (Kloot)2014-06-2697.0.1-45 Bombers do not turn when their target is within maximun weapon range
  00021623minorresolved (gajop)2014-06-26Undefined behavior when multiple java bots share the same package.class as entry point
  00044462featureresolved (Kloot)2014-06-26[Pull request] Un-hardcode wobble reduction
  0004456397.0.1+gitcrashresolved (cleanrock)2014-06-2697.0.1-115 Acess violation
  0004423297.0.1+gitminorfeedback2014-06-25Desync / Broken Pathing late game
  0004409797.0majorresolved (jK)2014-06-25delay and unresponsive cursor movement around map
  000234530.82.7.1minorresolved (jK)2014-06-24fallOffRate weapon tag does not work when damaging shields.
  0004445697.0.1+gitmajorresolved (jK)2014-06-24Detection of number of hardware cores is broken
  00044503featureresolved (jK)2014-06-24[PR] Shields having entries in armorDefs
  0004453297.0.1+gitcrashresolved (Kloot)2014-06-23assert in rts/System/LoadSave/DemoRecorder.cpp:146: failed
  0004250897.0.1+gitcrashfeedback2014-06-23ATI crash in UnitDrawerState.cpp:101
  0004347396.0.1+gitmajorresolved (Kloot)2014-06-230.97rc1 gcc compile fails on MacOS X whereas 0.96 compile succeeds
  0004413897.0.1+gitminorresolved (cleanrock)2014-06-22widget:GameProgress() was no longer called for rejoining player
  00043603featurenew2014-06-21better singleplayer experience
  0004448997.0.1+gitmajorresolved (cleanrock)2014-06-21Constructors no longer fire while building
  0004444697.0.1+gitmajorresolved (abma)2014-06-2197.0.1-33-g0e104a0 .sdd games do not appear in spring.exe menu
  000242050.82.7.1minorresolved (cleanrock)2014-06-19Fix constructor fire-while-working consistency
  0004447 trivialnew2014-06-19FPS mode locks on to everything
  0004440197.0.1+gitmajorresolved (Kloot)2014-06-18Nuke exploit #1
  0004389496.0.1+gitminornew2014-06-17double press alt + double press shift are not great keys
  0004437 featureresolved (jK)2014-06-16Grass draw radius ingame control
  0004410197.0.1+gitmajornew2014-06-1697.0.1-3 Desync and Crash
  0004424197.0.1+gitminorresolved (Kloot)2014-06-1697.0.1-3 Sometimes BeamLaser does not hit if it starts within collision volume.
  0004434897.0.1+gitmajornew2014-06-1697.0.1-18 is bad at maintaing ping during high CPU.
  0004416297.0.1+gitmajorresolved (Kloot)2014-06-1597.0.1-3 Fighter attack ground behaviour is broken
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