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    PID # Product VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0004522 97.0.1+gitmajorresolved (jK)2014-08-2797.0.1-338 Pathfinding: Units running at cliff.
  0004516297.0majornew2014-08-27fighter aircraft fly too low and sometimes bump off the ground when engaging targets
  00045195majorresolved (jK)2014-08-26units choose very long path to reach destination
  0004493397.0.1+gitmajorresolved (jK)2014-08-26large performance drop between 97.0.1-20 -> 97.0.1-23
  0004470297.0.1+gitmajornew2014-08-26Java AI's cause segfault on attempt to query an unit's customParams
  0004520 97.0.1+gitmajorresolved (jK)2014-08-25can't open any replays
  00045142majorresolved (jK)2014-08-25spring sometimes isn't linked when sth. in rts/Sim is changed
  00042792596.0crashresolved (abma)2014-08-24crash after game end in~CVertexArray
  0003900894.1.1+gitfeaturenew2014-08-24make possible to set minimal attack distance for unit OR make possible to set primary weapon (for the same purpose)
  0004517297.0.1+gitfeaturenew2014-08-24add isBomber unitdef to determine aircraft behaviour
  0004518197.0.1+gitfeaturenew2014-08-24abs(airHoverFactor) should affect gunships' sideways movement speed during combat
  0004515 97.0minornew2014-08-24fighter and bomber aircraft "shake" sometimes when moving and turning
  0004506997.0.1+gitminornew2014-08-23Some features don't render
  0004512197.0.1+gitminorresolved (abma)2014-08-22make target install-spring fails
  0004502797.0.1+gitmajorassigned (jK)2014-08-22GFX errors on maps (ATI+windows)
  0004511397.0.1+gitmajorresolved (abma)2014-08-21missing ExplosionGenerator classes
  0004513 97.0.1+gitminorresolved (abma)2014-08-21missing dependency for test_FileSystem
  00044421497.0.1+gitminornew2014-08-20beep noise with alt+key in windows & windowed mode
  00045103blockresolved (abma)2014-08-20fails to build on glew 1.11
  0004509797.0.1+gitminorresolved (jK)2014-08-1997.0.1-257 Too large path update area for default explosions.
  00045075blockresolved (cleanrock)2014-08-16spring doesn't compile on boost 1.56
  0004483397.0.1+gitminorresolved (jK)2014-08-14Spring.SetProjectileAlwaysVisible doesn't always make a projectile always visible
  0004500 97.0.1+gitmajorresolved (jK)2014-08-1497.0.1-222 Poor performance example
  0004501297.0.1+gitblockresolved (jK)2014-08-12SIGSEV in in PathNodeStateBuffer::ClearSquare () at rts/Sim/Path/Default/PathDataTypes.h:101 (spring 97.0.1-225-g99295e5)
  0004499297.0.1+gitminorresolved (jK)2014-08-1197.0.1-222 SetUnitMidAndAimPosition is broken.
  0004496197.0minornew2014-08-10slopeMod not applied correctly to reversing units
  0004498197.0minornew2014-08-10Turning and reversing vehicles ignores maxReverseVelocity when turnInPlaceSpeedLimit is higher.
  0004497197.0minornew2014-08-10Unit in reverse seem to use BrakeRate to accelerate in reverse
  0004482297.0.1+gitfeatureassigned (jK)2014-08-09Configurable PFS update rate
  0004494497.0minornew2014-08-09UnitShapes (and fancy selection) widget doesnt render anymore
  0004495397.0.1+gitminorresolved (abma)2014-08-09some maps dont load
  00044923featurenew2014-08-07Disable engine self-d icons via lua
  0004488197.0majornew2014-08-06(assimp .dae) 7 transport bugs found by gamedev
  0004491 97.0featurenew2014-08-06unitdef maxangledif is dumbly made
  0004489 97.0minornew2014-08-06assimp .dae air unit landed can be passed trought (by ground unit)
  0004487 97.0.1+gitfeaturenew2014-08-05lua-table-ify tooltip
  0004478697.0.1+gitminorresolved (jK)2014-08-05Loading save game: "User name not authorized to connect"
  0004476 97.0minorresolved (jK)2014-08-05Top left corner underwater startboxes result in green screen tint
  00044612297.0.1+gitmajorresolved (jK)2014-08-05high cpu usage when PFS updates are queued
  0004465197.0.1+gitminornew2014-08-05There is chance that unit stuck in factory after finished build, and can't get out.
  0004481297.0.1+gittrivialnew2014-08-05Units don't use moveDef maxSlope when built by mobile cons
  00042344majorresolved (abma)2014-08-03fix mingw32 compile / wiki instructions
  0004329696.0crashfeedback2014-08-01Spring.Restart crashes spring.exe, no new instance is started
  0004480197.0.1+gitminorfeedback2014-08-01Crash in 97.0.1-186-g42ecae9
  0004479 97.0.1+gitfeaturenew2014-07-30Let Script.SetWatchWeapon pick callins
  0004475197.0.1+gitmajorresolved (cleanrock)2014-07-22AddConsoleLine is only called a finite number of times.
  0004474697.0.1+gitfeaturenew2014-07-19[PR] FPS mode improvements
  0004473 97.0.1+gitmajorresolved (abma)2014-07-17can't run more than once spring.exe at once
  0004455597.0.1+gitminornew2014-07-17Stuck in drawing mode
  000356010minornew2014-07-11(mantis) filter settings are randomly changing, has search entries i never entered
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