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    PID # Product VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0004632 minorresolved (abma)2014-12-18403 error [^]
  00046294minorresolved (abma)2014-12-17bugs found by static code analyzer
  0004634198.0.1+gitcrashresolved (jK)2014-12-17crash in rts/Sim/Misc/CollisionHandler.h:59
  0004633198.0.1+gitmajorresolved (abma)2014-12-16UnitDef::GetDeathExplosion and UnitDef::GetSelfDExplosion deprecated without any substitution
  0004388998.0.1+gitfeatureresolved (jK)2014-12-16store X/YResolution for windowed / fullscreen mode in separate
  0003906194.1.1+gitfeatureresolved (jK)2014-12-11Spring.GetMapDrawMode() is not able to distinguish between LOS and radar view
  0003762 94.1.1+gitminorresolved (abma)2014-12-11travis-ci only has boost 1.46 / spring requires 1.47, reenable build when travis updated buildslaves
  0003051288.0minorresolved (jK)2014-12-11Pathmap is red where it should be purple
  0004465197.0.1+gitminorresolved (jK)2014-12-11There is chance that unit stuck in factory after finished build, and can't get out.
  00023921springrts.comfeaturenew2014-12-10please enable ssl for
  00015923majorresolved (abma)2014-12-10users with name with spaces can not log in wiki
  0004474797.0.1+gitfeatureresolved (abma)2014-12-09[PR] FPS mode improvements
  0004628298.0.1+gitcrashresolved (jK)2014-12-0898.0.1-178-g18487b4 SIGSEV in CollisionHandler.cpp:293
  0003703194.1minorresolved (jK)2014-12-07Smooth style camera is bugged
  0001460 featureresolved (jK)2014-12-07New camera mode
  0004630198.0.1+gitmajornew2014-12-07air units just flying near target instead of attacking it 98.0.1-193-g38f9a53
  0004622198.0minorresolved (jK)2014-12-07Snap when out of SetCameraState
  0004587998.0majorresolved (jK)2014-12-02lab producing non-moveable units
  0004574897.0.1+gitminorresolved (jK)2014-12-0297.0.1-465 Unit stuck behind structure wall.
  0004621 98.0minornew2014-11-29emit-sfx weapons stop short
  0004620 98.0.1+gitminornew2014-11-27maxSpeed with SetGroundMoveTypeData relies of CMD_SET_WANTED_MAX_SPEED and fails to work correctly.
  0004527497.0.1+gitmajornew2014-11-27units can be instructed to walk into impassable terrain / jump of a cliff
  0004385596.0.1+gitminorresolved (jK)2014-11-26Editing "Fullscreen" via the menu doesn't work
  0004605298.0.1+gitmajorresolved (jK)2014-11-2498.0.1-113 Stuck Unit
  0004608298.0.1+gitfeatureresolved (jK)2014-11-20Feature: Display traversabilitymap for any movedef
  0004619 minorassigned (abma)2014-11-19setup backup server
  0004616298.0minornew2014-11-18Planes vibrating when entering repair pad
  00044551497.0.1+gitminorresolved (cleanrock)2014-11-16Stuck in drawing mode
  0004606 98.0.1+gitmajorresolved (jK)2014-11-1598.0.1-113 Partially Stuck Unit
  00046181minorresolved (abma)2014-11-14mantis: cannot download attachments
  00046171featureassigned (abma)2014-11-13pr-downloader api
  000356014minornew2014-11-09(mantis) filter settings are randomly changing, has search entries i never entered
  00046121springrts.comminorresolved (abma)2014-11-08can not upload files to wiki: Could not open lock file for "mwstore://local-backend/local-public/b/b4 [^]
  0004611 tweaknew2014-11-07wiki: allow upload of more file types
  0004610 98.0.1+gitminorresolved (jK)2014-11-07Can't build near bottom and right edge of the map
  00046091majorresolved (abma)2014-11-06version list script doesn't work (broke because of switching to suphp)
  0002391 minorresolved (abma)2014-11-06forum uses email-adress
  00029691springrts.comtextresolved (abma)2014-11-06Weapon Variables with wrong example - description also wrong?
  00044211minorresolved (abma)2014-11-06add --version argument to springlobby
  00044201springrts.comminorresolved (abma)2014-11-06Include information about separate build tree (lndir/VPATH)
  0004546 majorresolved (abma)2014-11-06move site to dedicated host
  00045453majorresolved (abma)2014-11-06file listing times are czech
  0004241598.0.1+gitminorresolved (abma)2014-11-04invalid usage of SetBoolArg for some no- commands (nospecdraw, nohelp, ...)
  00030371featurenew2014-11-03compile all libs ourself with MinGW instead of MSVC. this is also needed for a 64bit build.
  00046071majorassigned (abma)2014-11-03buildbot seems to not fully work after upgrade
  0004494597.0minornew2014-11-03UnitShapes (and fancy selection) widget doesnt render anymore
  0004604198.0.1+gitminornew2014-11-0298.0.1-113 Crash on exit
  0004602498.0.1+gitcrashresolved (cleanrock)2014-11-01failed assert in rts/Sim/Misc/QuadField.cpp:895:
  0004601198.0minornew2014-10-31Units stuck in pathfinder when changing movedef
  0004603198.0minornew2014-10-31Pieces Position not correct
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