Spring 103.0 released!

Spring 103.0 released!

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Spring 103.0 released!

Post by hokomoko »

We are proud to announce the release of Spring 103.0! Spring is a versatile 3D RTS game engine.

Thanks to all of them who helped making this release possible! So many people helped in fixing bugs, testing, giving feedback and submitting patches! This makes this project really fun!

This release is (mostly) a bugfix release which improves the performance in comparison to spring 102.0.

Please test spring 103.0 as it will be set as default version on lobbyserver next week if no blocking bug is found. Download links will be updated then as well.

spring 103.0 is set as default version on the lobby server!

The changelog contains more details.

Most users won't need a download link, as lobbies can download them automatically. for the completeness:

Download Links
Note: Please report bugs to our bug-tracker, thanks!
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Re: Spring 103.0 released!

Post by azaremoth »

Yeah! I like! Thanks for the quick release.
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Re: Spring 103.0 released!

Post by nixtux »

Great work, a big thanks from me.
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Re: Spring 103.0 released!

Post by FabriceFABS »

Thank you ! :P :wink:
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Re: Spring 103.0 released!

Post by MaDDoX »

Congratz on the release, much needed. Fingers crossed that it's stable enough to not be reverted to 100 at BlackHoleHost just a few days after release.

I'll be sure to test it with friends on our weekly LAN meeting :)
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Re: Spring 103.0 released!

Post by raaar »

Thanks for the release.

You state performance improvements compared to 102.0, but how does it compare to 100.0?

I've seen people complaining on ZK about the moving trees. That's a neat graphics feature but if it's performance intensive it should be disabled by default.
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Re: Spring 103.0 released!

Post by gajop »

It's game specific, nothing to do with the engine.
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Re: Spring 103.0 released!

Post by abma »

set 103.0 as default on the lobby server.
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