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Spring Lobby

For the Spring engine and a variety of games to play on it! Online battlerooms and singleplayer. Also, there is a lobby to chat in.

The easiest way to play: download SpringLobby, join the Spring server and enter an online battleroom.

MacOS players: see for the SpringLobby download link. Engine must be downloaded seperately (103.0 is current), in the same forum.

Games available via Valve Steam for Windows

Games available via for Linux

Individual game installers

A handful of Spring games also provide their own installers (and/or other infrastructure). These usually contain everything you need to play that game, but they might not allow you to play other games too.

(!) This lobby is limited to playing Zero-K. (Windows & Linux)

(!) This lobby is limited to playing NOTA. (Windows & Linux & Mac OS X)

(!) This lobby is limited to playing Spring 1944, NOTA and Kernel Panic. (Windows & Linux)

(!) This lobby is limited to playing Kernel Panic. (Windows)

For more Spring games, check out the Games page. Please note that some of them will require you to have the engine installed in order to work, as well as some maps, as they don't come with their own installer.