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0000769Spring engineGeneralpublic2008-01-21 00:04
Assigned Totvo 
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Summary0000769: Random gray/white flickering
DescriptionThis is a catchall entry for reported flickering in .76, which apparently effects a lot more users than the previous flickering issues like http://spring.clan-sy.com/mantis/view.php?id=187 It seems to be occurring across a wide variety of hardware and settings.
Additional InformationI suggest trying to catch this bug with FRAPS or built in Spring recording. Video is probably the only way to see it in action. Please let us know when it seems to show up. It may be connected to a graphical effect not working, or something like that. We need what mod, map, and when during a game it showed up, along with what videocard and driver you are running. I'll post a Help & Bugs thread for reports later today as well as this Mantis entry.
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related to 0000187resolvedtvo Screen flashes on first building selection 



imbaczek (reporter)

I've seen some flicker, but in what i've got there wasn't any gray flicker; the world wasn't drawn at all. Intel 945.


el_matarife (reporter)

Last edited: 2008-01-03 18:39

This may be related to Lua and LUPS, there's a few odd info log entries relating to LUPS like "LUPS->UnitPieceLights: Critical Shader Error: HBlurShader: Fragment info" for some people who have reported the bug. "<[RoX]Tobi> obvious question would be, do the flashes also happen in a mod without LUA and with LuaUI disabled?" If you are experiencing the bug, try turning LuaUI off and playing to see if it fixes your issue. I can't name a mod without Lua off the top of my head other than old mods so try something older with no Lua built in.


el_matarife (reporter)

Down the rabbit hole:

[11:45:42 AM] <Player0ne> when I zoom on empty ground there are no flashes
[11:45:54 AM] <El_Matarife> Okay so LuaUI off no flashes
[11:46:02 AM] <Player0ne> yes
[11:46:06 AM] <El_Matarife> LuaUI on with no widgets enabled = flashes?
[11:46:10 AM] <Player0ne> yes
[11:47:44 AM] <El_Matarife> [11:47:22 AM] <[RoX]Tobi> so, flashes if LuaUI enabled and looking at units/buildings ? [11:47:29 AM] <[RoX]Tobi> even if no widgets enabled
[11:49:14 AM] <El_Matarife> is that right?
[11:49:57 AM] <Player0ne> yes
[11:50:16 AM] <Player0ne> it seems to flash right before a building is built
[11:50:54 AM] <Player0ne> I mean right before you start building a building
[11:53:23 AM] <El_Matarife> [11:52:32 AM] <[RoX]Tobi> before you start a building = when you click on the icon in the buildmenu?
[11:53:32 AM] <El_Matarife> [11:52:46 AM] <[RoX]Tobi> or when you place building on map?
[11:53:50 AM] <Player0ne> right before the unit starts to make it
[11:54:12 AM] <Player0ne> so after you place it on the map
[11:55:00 AM] <[RoX]Tobi> so may even be related to:
[11:55:36 AM] <[RoX]Tobi> http://spring.clan-sy.com/mantis/view.php?id=638


Beherith (reporter)

I have the same issue, and it seems to occur when when a unit or building starts to get built.

7600gs. p4 prescott.


ZellSF (reporter)

Happens to me too, randomly, but always when I press a build icon (maybe while it's loading the model or something).

Screenshot taken seems to indicate that the entire screen actually goes gray for a while. (not long enough for me to actually see that the entire screen is gray though)

Also tested on AA 2.11 with LuaUI disabled. Same results. GeForce 7900 GS.


tvo (reporter)

I'm pretty sure now this has to do with the render to texture LOD algorithm. (grep for FarTexture in source)


tvo (reporter)

Last edited: 2008-01-21 00:03

Presumably fixed with this commit:

5360 created by tvo on 20 January 2008, 23:59:38 +0100 (3 minutes ago) (patch)
* Fix gray flashing when Fartextures are rendered by queueing up far texture
  creation requests and rendering them all at once the next frame before
  normal world rendering.
* Fix compile error with gcc 3.4.


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