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0000187Spring engineGeneralpublic2008-01-21 00:05
Assigned Totvo 
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Summary0000187: Screen flashes on first building selection

I played TA Spring and noticed that at any point I select a building, the screen will flash up white. This happens only the first time the building is selected, every selection beyond that point will not result in such a flash, even if i deselect and reselect that or another unit to build that same building.

After turning all graphic settings down. 1/4 of the screen was flashing on building-selection but at a random location. I could not determine which setting exactly it was (maybe a combination of several settings).
Additional InformationAthlon 64 Bit
Radeon 9800XT with Catalyst 6.3 driver
2x 512MB DDR2-RAM
Windows XP Professional SP2
Creative Sounblaster Live 5.1 with NGO modded driver
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related to 0000769resolvedtvo Random gray/white flickering 



USF (reporter)

I noticed that the problem only occurs when buildings haven't been present on the map before. When I load a savegame e.g. the flashing will not occur for buildings that are already beeing build but will still happen when a building is not there.
I have created a small video of said problem, which can be found here for the next 7 days, i hope:


The "upload file"-option here did not work for me.

Graphics settings have all been turned up here, except anti aliasing.


tvo (reporter)

does this still happen with 0.73b1 test build 3 or later?


USF (reporter)

Yes the problem still exists. Shall I create another video?


auxsvr (reporter)

It also happens on radeon 9200 both windows and linux fglrx 8.25.18-1 versions (spring 0.73b1). The colour that appears is not white though, it is grey if it matters at all.


Relinquished (reporter)

I have a radeon 9200 and I'm not getting that problem at all


tvo (reporter)

does it still happen with 0.74b3? (lots of code related to this changed)


USF (reporter)

Sorry, I cannot help anymore with this issue, because I changed all of my hardware (Nvidia 8800GTX). The problem doesn't occur anymore though.


redstar (reporter)

This issue is not specific to pickign build items, rather its a general bug with displaying transparent buildings. This can eb reproduced by usign the DrawUnit AI callback durign which sometimes it momentarily lag spikes allowing you to take a screenshot fo whats happening:


As you can see spring draws a solid gray colour and then the unit model from the side with a solid white texture, and then draws the GUI ontop of it.


tvo (reporter)

Should be fixed by this commit:

5360 created by tvo on 20 January 2008, 23:59:38 +0100 (3 minutes ago) (patch)
* Fix gray flashing when Fartextures are rendered by queueing up far texture
  creation requests and rendering them all at once the next frame before
  normal world rendering.
* Fix compile error with gcc 3.4.

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