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0006344Spring engineGeneralpublic2019-11-18 18:56
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Summary0006344: adding a yardmap to nano will break their functionality
DescriptionBy doing this I wanted to make nanos perceived as buildings again by the engine.

The reason are so they are ghosted when out of los en their radar blobs precise and not foating around.

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Kloot (developer)

buildings/factories work differently than builders, you currently can't have both behaviors bolted onto a single unit.

look into Spring.SetUnitPosErrorParams to eliminate radar wobble for specific units, ghosts you can draw with a widget like unit_ghostradar.


Google_Frog (reporter)

See https://springrts.com/mantis/view.php?id=3828 and https://springrts.com/mantis/view.php?id=6235.

Spring.SetUnitPosErrorParams does resolve the issue because it has no allyTeam argument. Structure radar dots wobble prior to identification. I do not see how to replicate this in games with more than two allyTeams.


sprung (reporter)

See also 0006127 and 0006129


Kloot (developer)

the 1447-g525b136 version of SetUnitPosErrorParams can disable wobble per unit per allyteam.

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