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0006129Spring engineGeneralpublic2019-02-08 20:02
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Summary0006129: Some way to control 0006127
DescriptionThe fix for 0006127 (nano ghosts moving in the fog) is a regression for the case where a game's immobile units are actually immobile while not fixing the issue fully ("true" buildings can be moved with Lua, too, and their ghosts will still move in the fog).

I am not sure what the best solution would be, perhaps a modrule?
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Kloot (developer)

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Technically, "immobile units [that] are actually immobile" are still not buildings (in the Spring sense) so you can debate whether the "ghostedBuildings" option should even apply to them. A general solution involves just a few changes to the ghost-drawing logic, but none of those will happen while ZK's insane no-update policy stands.


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