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0005188Spring enginepublic2017-04-17 00:26
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Product Version101.0+git 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0005188: Lab stop producing units : Unit just produced got order on a non-reachable location
DescriptionUnits goes out of the lab and sometimes, they don't move and the lab unit production is stopped due to that.
Unit freshly created want to go for instance on a nano, a small hill... and can't.
It doesn't move and stop unit production.

Tested on BA 3.35, BAR 5413 with SpringRTS 101.0.1-202.
Tested with Arm T1 Veh & kBOT.

- BAR 5403 on MetalHeck-V3.2 >> http://replays.springrts.com/replay/c034f856b1a4e34f885dc8709272c339
- BAR 5403 on MetalHeck-V3.2 >> http://replays.springrts.com/replay/6837f856b1a4e34f885dc870ddd9bdd0
- BAR 5413 on BlockWars V2.5 >> http://replays.springrts.com/replay/03f4fa56283d05864a6ce07ead9cc6d2
- BAR 5413 on Metal_Hell >> http://replays.springrts.com/replay/dff6fa56f0f93e856743647d3c2de51a
- BAR 5413 on SimpleWayV1 >> http://replays.springrts.com/replay/f7f9fa56aff45af14eb8fe165a1b9797
- BA 9.35 on BlockWars V2.5 >> http://replays.springrts.com/replay/ccfbfa5638ab6b904cbc6031f8789c0f
- BA 9.35 on BananaValley >> http://replays.springrts.com/replay/b8fcfa5633cbddc7daf3edfa964a9bcf
Steps To ReproduceDo some nanos or units around the lab.
Each thing, like small hilly too could reproduce this effect.
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duplicate of 0005253resolvedKloot labs automatic waypoints can be palced on unreachable terrain 
related to 0005206resolvedKloot BA. constructors stuck near labs very often 



silentwings (reporter)

A thought: maybe the easiest way to approach this is to move the first of the two waypoints recieved by a unit exiting a (non-air) lab slightly further away from the lab - making it more likely that a unit would exit the lab even if its second waypoint was not reachable.


abma (administrator)

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what is the issue here?

When a unit can't move out of a factory, the factory cannot produce units. thats imo correct.

Are you sure a workaround at engine side should be added? AFAIK some gadget/widgets for this problem already exist?!

is there an event movefailed / command failed?


silentwings (reporter)

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The engine gives two waypoints to units exiting (non-air) labs. The second of these waypoints can (quite easily, on some maps, although on most maps it would be very rare) get placed in a non-reachable location, and the first waypoint is not always close enough to cause the unit to exit its lab; with the result that the unit stays inside its lab - even if from the users point of view there is a "clear and obvious" way to exit the lab.

If this was to be done by a gadget (which imo is a much worse solution, since the engine has more reliable ways of checking if a command would fail) then the engine should not place waypoints.


FabriceFABS (reporter)

Also yesterday on Tundra map : http://replays.springrts.com/replay/60190c579ca22f1e72b0e424de43facd

[OOT maybe] Also yesterday, unit was struck out of the lab on Dragons : http://imolarpg.dyndns.org/trac/balatest/ticket/1111


FabriceFABS (reporter)

Again and again on various maps...
Here Dragons : http://replays.springrts.com/replay/76533b578059ac4d71abe87afb38d791

And on others maps also, I don't rememeber.


hokomoko (developer)

eh, this map can't be found anywhere


abma (administrator)

http://api.springfiles.com/?springname=Dragons+HQ+v1 ?!


hokomoko (developer)

I swear I tried this


hokomoko (developer)

FabriceFABS the issue in your replay seems to be in the factory model - the piece where the nanoframe is seems to be in a wrong direction. (I remember BA had this issue as well)


FabriceFABS (reporter)

Sorry Hoko, it's not the same problem, I reported it on dyndns already.

I will pay more attention on this topic issue during next games.


Anonymous (viewer)

Fix f282c68d9c3425e0570273e7546615be04f5b778 committed to develop branch: fix 0005188 (within reason), repo: spring changeset id: 8071

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