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0004516Spring engineGeneralpublic2018-10-21 16:47
Assigned ToKloot 
Product Version97.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version104.0 
Summary0004516: fighter aircraft fly too low and sometimes bump off the ground when engaging targets
Descriptionsometimes fighter aircraft glide too low (about a third of their normal cruise altitude when moving) when engaging ground targets and may hit tall ground units, other times they keep going and hit the ground!

- fighter type aircraft should try to keep their flight altitude when engaging targets on the ground by going higher before attempting the strafing run (i think they already do this)

- there should be an "attackRunLength" unitdef to set how far fighter aircraft try to keep facing the target to fire non-turret weapons when strafing before trying to restore normal cruise altitude (default 100)

for example, a short length of 50-100 could be used for aircraft that only fire once per run, and a longer length of 300+ could be used for aircraft that fire repeatedly (ex: 2 missile salvos or a long machinegun burst) on the same dive

- there should be an "afterAttackRunLength" unitdef to set how far fighter aircraft should fly after a strafing run (after attackrunlength) before they try to turn to face their target again (default 400)
Steps To Reproducestart a game on "the cold place" and xta 9.74, spawn 5 arm_freedom_fighter and order them to attack ground and watch them for a minute.
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has duplicate 0004559closed fighters fly into the things they attack 



smoth (reporter)

Feel free to try this in my project as well, The units eagle and dart repeated fly at the ground like lawn darts.

I added the dart unit today JUST to prove it isn't just beam lasers doing it.

I have tried removing my fun tags and it still does this.


username: tester
Password: rageflame

you will want to grab testgame.sdz and rtscore.sdd


Google_Frog (reporter)

This looks like a duplicate of a resolved ticket. You set the version to 97.0 and do not mention engine version anywhere else so I assume you problem is fixed. You should test.

Ticket: http://springrts.com/mantis/view.php?id=4416


raaar (reporter)

i've tested my game and xta 9.74 on "the cold place v3c" using 97.0.1-206-g8576ee8 minimal portable, and the behaviour of aircraft does seem to have been changed somewhat. They try to regain altitude after they pass over the target.

The problem i'm reporting isn't fixed though, as they still fly so low they bump into the buildings they're targetting (look at the attached picture)


raaar (reporter)

fixing this may not require new unitdefs.

Instead of aborting the dive and pitching back up only once they pass over their target, they could do it at any point if their altitude drops below 66% of cruiseAlt.

This might require them to delay their dive until near firing range to avoid diving too early and having to pitch back up before getting a chance to fire.


raaar (reporter)

This was eventually fixed last year with an attackSafetyDistance which can be set using setAirMoveTypeData

I kept this issue open because of this useful part
- there should be an "afterAttackRunLength" unitdef to set how far fighter aircraft should fly after a strafing run (after attackrunlength) before they try to turn to face their target again (default 400)

but that's another issue, so this one should be closed.

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