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0003560Sitepublic2016-10-10 23:59
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Summary0003560: (mantis) filter settings are randomly changing, has search entries i never entered
DescriptionSometimes I go to http://springrts.com/mantis/view_all_bug_page.php and wonder why the page only shows few/old entries.

Then I notice that in filter menu various filters are set.
After reseting filter everything is normal again.

Sometimes search field has stuff into it and I am sure never having searched for that. (see screenshot)
Maybe it is someone elses filters/searches?
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abma (administrator)

wrong project ;)

never had that problem, no clue whats wrong... (but yes, sounds like settings from others.)

does clear cookies & cache help?



when should i clear it? from time to time i delete cache/cookies like most users i guess.
just now there was some filter set again...someone looking for "transport" tag.



Still happens some times.
The set filters/searches are 100% certain not things that I set.

Just now there was results for 3DTrees, maybe from person who posted/read this?



There! The mantis ghosts are doing it again!
I do not not even know what a "minizip" looks like but there it is in my search field!
(see 2nd picture)

Could be a cache problem but on server?
So that sometimes one gets pages generated & meant for other users? replays site had similiar problem and there it was overaggressive caching...


abma (administrator)

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afaik mantis has no caching. are you browsing through some proxy server maybe?

or some server-side session was "shared".



No proxy server and have seen it happen in different places. (different computers but also different towns and ISPs)
I think it has only happend when I first open the page and am not logged in yet.
Nobody else seen this happen? It is not so bad bug just spooky ;)



Not sure how to further "prove" this, so another ghost word from search field:
(maybe someone recognizes his search)



My previous comment about "glew" in search field was on:
2014-03-14 22:32

Now this report just got created:
on 2014-03-14 19:46

14 minutes after I had seen the "glew"
ghosts are real!


PixelOfDeath (reporter)

yes, like you asked knorke, I searched for glew today.



bla.jpg = someone's search for "area spherical"

"hardware minizip 3D Trees transport glew area spherical", the ghosts are not making much sense.


abma (administrator)

i assume its fixed!? if not, please reopen



no, it is not fixed.
Random search words and other filter settings still appear.

For example right now, before I logged in there was only one issuse displayed because the filter was set to only show things with tag=spam.

I think I will report it to the mantis bugtracker bugtracker?
Actually I think I had once seen that bug discussed there, but now can not find the thread or report anymore...


abma (administrator)

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ok, thanks for feedback. very likely related to


regardingless of that, mantis should be updated.



someone searched for "memory":


abma (administrator)

next try, please reopen if not. updated to current mantisbt version.



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still happens (a search for "blender" and various other filters)



still happens.
if someone can/wants to post more info, like if "the anonymous account is enabled":

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