Read Me First


Spring is an engine! To play, you need at least one Game and a Map installed!


(after installing a game and map) To start a single-player game use one of the Lobbies for that. A lobby also allows to set more options and can download games and maps, too.

You can also start a game by starting the Spring engine ("Test Spring" in start menu or "spring" in command line):

Then select a game, map and AI and click "Test the Game"

Not all AIs will operate with every game!

Playing Online

To play online, you need the latest version of the Spring Engine. To join matches run one of the Lobbies

Lan Party

See the dedicated page Playing on a lan.

Useful Hotkeys, Etc.

For the default keyboard layout please look at the Keyboard page.

The Spring Forum

Guidelines For Forum Etiquette

Your question not answered here? Got problems?

Read the Frequently Asked Questions or ask in the Forum. You can also report Bugs to the developers so they can be fixed.

Game Specific Questions

If you have a question or problem with a certain gameplay mechanic in a game, you can talk about it at the game's subforum

If Spring crashes/hangs, please look at the FAQ.

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