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What is War Evolution

In short words, War Evolution is different. Different from all other mods. You dont have a base and you can not reinforce your "army". In fact, you command only one single mech and if he dies, you can only spectate until the game is over. This makes a normal War Evolution game very short in comparison to other mods—a normal game is over after 10–15 minutes. If you know team fortress for first person shooters like half life, War Evolution would be the strategy equivalent. To make the mod more interesting and fun to play, there are a lot of features included, which are unique.


Your mech can gain 6 levels, each level brings you a new extra (like weapons, armour or shield). All extras are completely visible and randomized, so every game can be different, even with the same mech.

You can switch between 2 main guns in game by clicking on or off. So you have one weapon for shorter range fire support and one for long distances.

You can select one out of 4 different mechs, each is very different from the other mechs and has its own abilities and skills.

A lot of weapons don't do much physical damage but a lot of impact damage. That means that your mech can be thrown short distances in a direction, you don't want him to be. This can be very useful to fall back, or to separate mechs from their team.

The mech classes



The wargod is the strongest, but also slowest Mech on the battlefield. With his strong plasma cannons he can shoot over long distance and with his gattling guns hes able to attack in close combat with dealing high damage. The wargod has the strongest armour and the highest regeneration rate.

Black Knight


The Black Knight is the Close Combat Mech. He is the fastest mech, but is weak in ranged combat. With his flame thrower, he can even beat a worgod. He is the only mech who is completely stealthed. He also can jamm radars in on mode.



The Werewolf is a Combat Engineer Mech. He has medium speed, low Hit Points and only medium weapon power. But he has the ability to build defence turrets and repair other mechs. WARNING: he can only have 2 towers at the same time or they wont shoot anymore.



The Stormlord is the mine layer and long range artillery mech. He is armed with a long range artillery which can shoot over mountains and crush defences while staying out of range of the enemy turrets. He has the ability to heal other mechs, but only very slow. He also can build two types of mines to build traps.



War Evolution is made by Optimus Prime 14:04, 14 Oct 2006 (W. Europe Daylight Time)

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