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Commands or tricks useful during spring modding. Only add things average player does not know, ex not "F4 shows metalmap."


  • Start spring.exe directly to quickly test games or maps.
  • To see some general info like game name, spring version: Press i or type /gameinfo


  • The chat is the console. It is also logged to Infolog.txt
  • Most commands require to type /cheats to enable cheating.


/atm - get 1000m,1000e (still needs storage)

Spawn or destroy a unit or feature

/give [amount] <objectName | 'all'> [team] [@x, y, z]

Example: /give supertank - This spawns one "supertank"

Can have parameters: /give 25 supertank 3 @1000,100,750

This spawns 25 "supertank" units to team 3 at coordinates 1000,100,750

/destroy - kill selected units


/luarules reload - reloads gadgets

/luaui reload - reloads widgets. Click an widget twice in widget menu to reload only this one.

/luagaia reload - reloads gaia gadgets

See unitIDs

Use widget such as http://springrts.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=25029&p=467318&hilit=unitids#p467318 to see unitIDs above units.

Widget menu

Hotkey: F11

In default widget menu:

  • green name = running widget
  • yellow name = widget crashed or disabled itself
  • red name = disabled widget
  • White stars left and right of name = Widget is contained in game.
  • No stars = local widget (user added)

Collision volumes

See Gamedev:CollisionVolumes#How_to_see_them_ingame


Type /fps for framerate. Type /debug for various info. (default hotkey: alt+b)

Teams/players, vision

/info for a list.

/team X to change team. For example /team 2 to controll units of team 2.

/spec - become spectator

/globallos - full vision (see the whole map)

/godmode - controll all teams. Generally you will want to combine with /spec or /globallos

/sharedialog (default hotkey: h) - give selected units to other teams.

Unit scripts

/reloadcob - COB scripts /luarules reload - LUS

CEG, particle effects

Type /reloadcegs to reload from files.


FPS-mode lists weapons of unit + status. Can be useful to see why a unit is not firing to its weapon.


  • /wiremap - Can see units under terrain