Tech Levels

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A Tech Level is a group of units that can be built by a certain construction unit.

-There are 3 Tech Levels.-

  • Tech Level 1, also sometimes mistaken as Tech Level 0 (May be my fault for this mixup -Eaglebird), is any unit the Commander can build. This includes the first resource facilities/collectors, the basic unit plants, the LLT, and the first radar facility available.
  • Tech Level 2 is any unit built by the first available unit plants, and any structure built by the first construction units excluding the commander.
  • Tech Level 3 is any unit built by a Tech Level 2 unit plant, and any structure built by the advanced construction units.

Tech Level 0: This Tech Level is often disputed, sometimes forgotten altogether, and some call it Tech Level 1, and just move each level down a notch, so the levels go up to 4. Tech Level 0 is assumed to be the Commander itself, as he is not built by any unit plant, and cannot be ressurrected.