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Page Naming Conventions

Regarding Sub-pages

For which sections of the Site

Only pages within the "Development" section of the Site-structure should use sub-pages. All pages in this Section should be either Super or Sub-page. The Super-pages are the following:

  • Engine
  • Mapdev
  • Gamedev
  • AI
  • Lua
  • Unit
  • Model
  • Animation
  • CEG

Pretty much all other pages should be sub-pages of one of these categories/super-pages (the exception I would say are two pages, one grouping "content", the other grouping "coding" - AI, Engine and Lua.

We only use one level of Super and Sub-page (no Unit:Cob:Animation or similar). Super-pages should match with categories.


Use a ":" to separate between the super and sub-page. So we have Units:UnitDefs, Mapdev:SMD, AI:Interface, etc.

Regarding naming

Please use short phrases for Names within the Site-structure. Using more than three words is advised against, two will usually be optimal. CamelCase is probably the easiest way of achieving naming consistency (as Capitalisation is clear), avoid spaces in page names.

Language versions

For the sake of maintainability the Spring wiki is currently English language only. Non-English language pages will be tagged for deletion!

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