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The Custom Unit Shading Framework was developed by jK to facilitate the writing of custom unit & feature shaders in Lua for the SpringRTS engine.
You can access its repository from here:

Writing new shaders requires the following two steps:

  • Creation of a new file in the ModelMaterials folder that defines the material. Here you should specify the following:
    • material properties (camera usage, textures, culling, etc.)
    • whether it's a unit or feature shader (feature shaders have feature=true)
    • callins that can affect unit/feature rendering (such as UnitCreated, DrawUnit, as well as the feature equivalents)
    • the unit and feature defs which will be affected by the shader
  • Creation of a shader file in the ModelMaterials/Shaders. This file should contain the actual GLSL shader as well as the definition of the uniform values used within it.

For details refer to the existing unit & feature example shaders.

  • To test feature shaders do the following steps:
    • Open modinfo.lua and change modtype to 1 so it can be run directly
    • Start spring using Custom Unit Shaders as the game.
    • In the console, type /cheat and /give ad0_aleppo_X, where X is any number from 1 to 10, e.g. /give ad0_aleppo_5