Scripting for newbs

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Scripting for Newbs

This is a reference guide for all of you out there that don't know C++, or are unfamiliar with scriptor.

<10> would be to angle 10 degrees. [10] would be 10 spring units, look at the upspring model for examples.

An example is:

spin gun around y-axis speed [10] accelerate [2];

In this example it would rotate the object "gun" around the y-axis "up and down" accelerating speed of 2 units per time, to a max speed of 10 units per time.

Another thing to understand with Cob/Bos is that it has a few built-in scripts, such as:


Which is called if the unit is set to on, via onoffable in the unit's fbi file.

Here is an example of a script for a metal extractor:

piece base, top;

  1. include "sfxtype.h"
  2. include "exptype.h"

Activate() { move base to y-axis [4]; }

Deactivate() { move base to y-axis [0]; }

SpinTop() { while (get ACTIVATION) { move top to y-axis [4] speed [20]; sleep 400; move top to y-axis [0] speed [20]; sleep 400; } start-script SpinTop();

The --|-- are to represent the spacing via tab, I'm not sure if it is neccesary on the first level, but it does make the script easier to read [at least in my opinion].