SPADS plugin install notes

From Spring

This document describes briefly how to install a SPADS plugin. It considers you already have a SPADS instance configured and running, with SPADS plugins directory set to a valid directory.

Archive extraction

If the plugin is packed as an archive (zip, 7z, tar.gz ...), you need to extract the files somewhere temporarily.


If the plugin contains a README file, this file should be opened and checked for configuration instructions. Otherwise, it means the plugin doesn't need to be configured and this step can be skipped.


If the plugin contains configuration files (*.conf), they must be moved into SPADS configuration directory. All other files must be moved into SPADS plugins directory, unless specified differently by the README file.


If you want this plugin to be automatically loaded when SPADS starts, you must add the plugin name to the auto-loaded plugins setting.

If you want to load the plugin manually, you can use following command: "!plugin <pluginName> load"


If the plugin has been loaded successfully, it should appear in "!version" and "!list plugins" outputs.