Rapid Tags

From Spring

Most of these tags are automaticly updated from Gamedev:PublicRepos.

Tag Name
ba-tronic:latest Balanced Annihilation Tronic
ba:stable Balanced Annihilation
ba:test Balanced Annihilation
bac:stable BA Chicken Defense
bac:test BA Chicken Defense
bar:test Balanced Annihilation Reloaded
brickcraft:epenis BrickCraft epenis
brickcraft:latest BrickCraft
btl:latest BattleTech: Legacy
ct:stable Conflict Terra
ct:test Conflict Terra
ea:latest Eternal Annihilation
evo:stable Evolution RTS
evo:test Evolution RTS
ft:test Frontier
jw:test Journeywar
kp:latest Kernel Panic
micromodules:latest Micro Modules
mw:latest Micronwars
nota:latest NOTA
nota:stable NOTA
operationx:latest Special BA
pa:latest Progressive Annihilation
ra:latest Research Annihilation Concept
s44-deployment:test Spring: 1944
s44:latest Spring: 1944
s44:stable Spring: 1944
sa:latest Supreme Annihilation
spring-features:stable Spring Features
specialba:latest Special BA
springtanks:latest Spring Tanks
staticfriction:stable Static Friction
staticfriction:testing Static Friction
ta_factions:latest TA : Factions
tc:stable The Cursed
tc:test The Cursed
void:latest Void
xta:fixed XTA
xta:latest XTA
xta:test XTA
xtar:latest XTAR
zk:stable Zero-K
zk:test Zero-K
zkc:latest Zero-K
zkdota:stable Zero-K DOTA
zkdota:test Zero-K DOTA
zkr:alpha Zero-K Raid
zkr:latest Zero-K Raid
zkr:test Zero-K Raid