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The Modweb Generator is a set of PHP scripts created by Maelstrom to easily create statistics pages for each unit and weapon in a mod.


To create a 'Modweb' for your mod, follow these instructions

  1. Download the current version of the Modweb scripts from the forum thread. A link is down the bottom of this page.
  2. Unzip the Modweb generator into a directory on your webserver.
  3. Unzip the following folders and files of your mod into the mod/ directory of the Modweb:
    • The modinfo.tdf file, found in the base directory of the mod, into the base directory
    • The units/ directory of the mod,
    • The weapons/ directory of the mod,
    • The gamedata/ directory of the mod.
    • The files in unitpics/ directory of the mod in the output/images folder of the modweb generator (note : unitpics MUST be in .bmp format.
  4. Run index.php through your web browser of choice, and select the relevant options from the menu.
  5. Copy the contents of the output/ folder to the desired location
  6. Your done!


  • Depending on the template, build pics will need to be uploaded to an images/ directory where all the HTML files are located.



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