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172px-Symbol comment vote.svg.png Removed in Spring 95.0. See cont/examples/Widgets/game_messages.lua for a possible replacement.


messages.lua is a file in the Gamedata/ directory of a Spring Game.


This file defines what messages are shown when a player dies.


The engine source code which parses the data from this file is viewable here:


In the message string %i is replaced with the player's team number and %s is replaced with the player's name.


Single Message

Example taken from Air Raid:

return {
  "Player %i(%s) is down!"

Multiple Messages

Example taken from zeroK. One message is picked from the list at random.

local messages = {
  [ [[Team%i(%s) is no more]] ] = {
    "Team%i (%s) has been obliterated",
    "Team%i (%s) has been liquidated",
    "Team%i (%s) has been eradicated",
    "Team%i (%s) has been terminated",
    "Team%i (%s) has bowed out",
    "Team%i (%s) has gone to a better place",
    "Team%i (%s) beheld Satan as he fell from heaven LIKE LIGHTNING!",
    "Team%i (%s) is out of existence",
return messages