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Up to date list of engines default bindings: source

Default Keyboard Layout in Spring

Note: This page is currently incomplete and different games might use different keyboard configurations. But this page covers the basics which are broadly common to most Spring games.

Mouse 1 (left) Selecting units, selecting orders/buildings from the menu and also to give orders!
Mouse 2 (right) Give the default order (move). Or change from a non-default order (e.g. attack, fight, guard) back to a move order without giving an order.
Scroll Wheel Zoom in/out
Mouse 3 Pan camera (mouse 2 is normally pressing the scroll wheel)
SHIFT Queue order. Press shift as you give the order, queue up as many as you like! Press Ctrl/Alt as well for building formations.
[ and ] Rotate building (first select something to build and then rotate)
A Attack (attack unit/ground)
M Move
F Fight (as move, but units will stop to kill enemies along the way)
G Guard
P Patrol. (Moves back and forth between current position and patrol position)
S Stop (cancels all orders)
E Reclaim (Eat!)
R Repair
D D-Gun (or other manual fire weapon)
K Cloak on/off
CTRL + D Self Destruct
W Wait (or stop waiting)
CTRL + number (1-0) Assign using to group
number (1-0) Select unit group
Double Click Select all units of targetted type in view
CTRL + Z Select all units of selected type on map.
CTRL + A Select all units on map.
TAB Zooms out to see the whole map.
F1 Shows heightmap
F2 Shows areas where you can build (if the building what you want to build is selected)
F3 Goes to the latest spot of action (also goes to the latest markers)
F4 Shows metalmap
F5 Hides User Interface
CTRL+F1/2/3/4 Change camera mode
F6 Turns sounds off (currently a bug causes sounds be on when zoomed in the spot where sound comes from (for example an explosion))
F11 Show list of Widgets, use to enable/disable Widgets, press ESC to close it.

Multiplayer Communication

ALT + ENTER Allied chat
SHIFT + ENTER Spectator chat
CTRL + ENTER Return to global chat
` + Mouse Button 1 Draw on map.
(On a UK/US keyboard ` is to the key left of 1. The same functionality is mapped to the \ key)
` + Mouse Button 2 Erase markers and drawings
` + Mouse Button 3 Place marker
` + Double Click Place marker with annotation

Somewhat out-dated: Spring Keyboard Layout Image

Changing bindings

This forum thread might be helpful.