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Mouse Cursors


Cursors for Spring are stored in the Anims/ directory.

Supported Image Formats

The cursors have to be in either:

  • png
  • tga
  • bmp

To make transparent sections in bmp's use RGB(84, 84, 252).
The images don't have to be squared neither power-of-two, but those are preferred and the size should be <=128.


Even if your cursor isn't animated, it must have the _0 at the end of its name. Only when using a .txt this isn't needed.

Animated Cursors

Via Filenames

To make animated cursors, just make a sequence where the filenames start with '_0' at the end of the first in the sequence, going on sequentially until the last frame. This uses the default `frame time` (= the time each sprite is visible) of 0.1sec.

Via .txt

You can also create a .txt file with further specifications for your cursor:


hotspot %hotspot
frame %filename_0 %timespan_0
frame %filename_1 %timespan_1
frame %filename_2 %timespan_2

The hotspot tag is optional and can be either topleft or center.
Note, the filenames have to contain the full path, e.g. Anims/CursorMove.png.

Engine Cursors

Spring itself just needs one cursor and that's cursornormal, if this isn't present in your game Spring will crash with an ContentError.

Still there are additional cursors the engine will use when present:
(When cursors are double named in the table, it means that the following ones are fallbacks.)

Cursor Name Internal Name/Usage Def. Hot Spot
cursornormal TopLeft
cursorareaattack Area attack Center
cursorattack Area attack Center
cursorattack Attack Center
cursorattackbad AttackBad Center
cursorattack AttackBad Center
cursorbuildbad BuildBad Center
cursorbuildgood BuildGood Center
cursorcapture Capture Center
cursorcentroid Centroid Center
cursordwatch DeathWait Center
cursorwait DeathWait Center
cursordgun DGun Center
cursorattack DGun Center
cursorfight Fight Center
cursorattack Fight Center
cursorgather GatherWait Center
cursorwait GatherWait Center
cursordefend Guard Center
cursorpickup Load units Center
cursormove Move Center
cursorpatrol Patrol Center
cursorreclamate Reclaim Center
cursorrepair Repair Center
cursorrevive Resurrect Center
cursorrepair Resurrect Center
cursorrestore Restore Center
cursorrepair Restore Center
cursorselfd SelfD Center
cursornumber SquadWait Center
cursorwait SquadWait Center
cursortime TimeWait Center
cursorwait TimeWait Center
cursorunload Unload units Center
cursorwait Wait Center

Example: A cursorattack_0.bmp (same for cursorattack.txt) in your Anims/ dir will automatically used for attack commands.

Lua/Custom Cursors

Runtime Replacing Default Cursors

To runtime change cursors (e.g. per-faction cursors or user-configurable ones) you may want to use Spring.ReplaceMouseCursor. Example:

Spring.ReplaceMouseCursor("cursorattack", "faction2_subdir/cursorattack")
Spring.ReplaceMouseCursor("cursormove", "faction2_subdir/cursormove")

Give Custom Commands a Cursor

First you need to register your custom cursor with Spring.AssignMouseCursor. After that you can use it in Spring.EditUnitCmdDesc/Spring.InsertUnitCmdDesc:

--loads cursor from foo_cursor.txt, foo_cursor_0.bmp, ...
Spring.AssignMouseCursor("mahcursor", "foo_cursor", false)

--NOTE: this is SYNCED code!
--add custom cmddesc
Spring.InsertUnitCmdDesc(unitID, {
  cursor = "mahcursor",