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172px-Symbol comment vote.svg.png this page is deprecated, spring already has many ai interfaces

GSoC idea: More AI interfaces


The Spring engine is already a popular engine for academic projects to study Artificial Intelligence. This project could enhance Spring's attractiveness to developers and teachers wanting to explore or teach about AI research.


The Spring engine's AI interface supports bindings for multiple languages, currently C++, C and java are supported.

Bindings for more languages and/or virtual machines should be added to allow broader AI developing audience (for example: Ruby, Perl, JavaScript, Python, D, Go, Mono, LLVM, Parrot).

Required skills

  • Understanding of the Spring AI interface
  • Knowledge of C
  • Understanding of the target language/virtual machine


Estimated: medium

Technical details

The current C AI interface has been structured so it acts as a bridge between the engine and the various AI language wrappers, since automatic wrapper generators have been tried in the past and found infeasible, manual creation is necessary.