Finalizing linux install

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Finalizing installation

You should have Spring installed by now; if not, please see the SetupGuide.

Maps & Mods

Since Spring is only an engine, you need to download games for it, and the maps that go with those games.

SpringLobby will automatically do this for you when you attempt to join a game with a map or mod that you do not currently have, using an integrated downloader.

If you want to download it manually or browse existing maps, there are several easy to use websites:

Pick any of those sites, download a map or mod, and then double click it. This will move it to your Spring folder, using the spring map/mod installer program. If you wish to move maps/mods by hand, they are located under ~/.spring/maps/ or ~/.spring/mods/ (if the folder does not exist - create it). Do not unpack the file in any way though, just download and save it. Reload your maps/mods in SpringLobby, (Tools - Reload maps/mods) and they will be ready to use.

These sites also may provide other neat things like Lua widgets, epic replays, AI bots (for playing offline or to team up on with a friend). Generally the installation requires you to download the file and place it in the appropriate folder in your ~/.spring directory. (you may have to create the folder)

Hint: If you know the name of the map you want, there is a Search function provided in those websites. Just write a part of the name, like one word, and you will easily find the map you were looking for.