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Becouse of the bug you can't build any building or ship in this mod. You need to have older version of spring to use this mod! (That leads that you cant play it online due to very old lobby version)

Final Frontier "The Next Generation Of War"



Final Frontier "The Next Generation Of War" is a modification for the Springproject . Originaly the mod was developed for the old realtime strategy game Total Annihilation some years ago. Because Spring gives us a new and better engine for developing we decided to recreate Final Frontier in a better way.

The mod contains two races (Arm and Core) with more than 140 diferent units. All units except buildings are spacecrafts, fighting each other with huge lasercannons, plasmabombs, rockets and a lot of other cool stuff wich brings a lot of destruction ;-).

Containing nearly all old units from the original mod, we put a lot of new units into it, completely rebalanced it, changed nearly all weaponeffects, changed most models, retextured all, changed the scripts and even more you have to find out.


  • two unique races with more than 140 different units
  • different armorclasses for space ships which brings a well balanced "paper-scissor-rock" system
  • most units are able to lose weapons and Hullparts
  • 3 techlevels: starting with small Fighters going over Frigates and Destroyer to Battle Ships and Planetkillers
  • very Beautiful weapon effects and sounds (some call it laser show =D)
  • many weapons aren't fully rotatable, so it's useful to attack slow ships from behind, bringing you the full advantage of your weapons while the opponent's weapons arent able to fire backwards
  • unique space maps especially designed for Final Frontier

--Optimus Prime 12:39, 19 Jan 2006 (W. Europe Standard Time)


A few notes on strategy:

The first important note is that although FF has wonderful turrets and defensive buildings, your opponent can fly HIS ENTIRE ARMY right over them and will never be hampered in his advance by wreckage from his downed ships. This makes defence quite different from Total Annihilation style mods; usually a strong front line defense can be bypassed, so the "line defence" strategy is not nearly so useful.

There are a variety of strats you can pull off, to name a few;

  • fighter spam. takes all those 'pros' (rofl) opty was talking about off guard. take out their outlying mexes or their tech 2 plant. make sure you tech after though, and if you build a extra plant it is a good idea to reclaim it to help.
  • ODS spam. small groups of ODS, build a few 4 minutes or so in to raid their mexes, then get a plant as close to their base as possible and spam ODS in unholy amounts. watch out for the com though!
  • supported com rush. go in with a few antifighters or tech 2 corvettes and your com. claim land. build 2 odd tech 1 antifighter things and then get a tech 2 unit to build a gatling laser or such, or if you haven't teched a tech 1 anti starship turret
  • tech 2 antifighter rush. deadly, as there is no effective unit that can stand in your way till tech 3 all you have to do is aviod defenses and make sure u have some fighters dealing with the com or know he is elsewhere! com pwns these HARD but they are pretty cost effective when tearing apart their base. again, go for their eco/plant and try to reclaim the wrecks later too.
  • Tech 3 rush (lol) please, feel free :)
  • porcing. works well, weak to marauding com but now that enemy cons can be targetted by lvl1 antifighter all you need is to expand a little and have these turrets scattered around with a small group of fighters to stop their com. teching to get the extra metal then going to counter whatever your enemy does.

in all cases scouting is important and there is a level of strategy in this game that becomes quite enjoable. the micro is a bitch as, like hawks in OTA based mods, the fighters behave like...fighters, they bugger off and do their own thing, unless you spam 's' commands and have them on hold position. annoying, but this is only for the anti-fighter fighter or the EMP corvette, most other basic ships behave like gunships. battleships are now well balanced and fun to use, not the fastest of things though. owh and the warlock mark 2 is a very potent raiding unit, fast and moderately powerful. little HP though so don't go head on with enemy defenses, skirt round the edges and toast their econ and production. and the Unit[Counter] thing is really useful!

--Min3mat 19:39, 20 Apr 2006 (W. Europe Daylight Time)

Current Status Of The Mod

Final Frontier has long been a subject of controversy within the Spring community, and numerous small arguments have formed around the balance of the mod. As a result, the mod will continue development through multiple avenues at this time.

  • Nemo has updated a variant, Low-Fat FF, for Optimus Prime's release of FF 1.18
  • Aun has released a variant, Epic FF, for Optimus Prime's release of FF 1.18
  • Optimus Prime is taking a break from development, but plans to continue from FF 1.18
  • A team, as yet unnamed, has formed to take FF back to the OTA basics and work from there, in hopes of releasing a different balanced mod in a new version. Major members of this team include Smoth, Min3Mat and DayWalker. Members of the EE team are also contributing significantly. This team may be found at