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Epic Legions is a Warhammer 40,000 mod currently under development by Guessmyname

It is currently in closed beta status

Special Thanks to: Abokasee (Testing) Nemo (Testing, balance critiques) Ivory_King (Testing) Pintle (Testing) Neddiedrow / Sehkmet (Testing, Stats info)

The first release will probably involve Chaos Space Marines vs Imperial Space Marines

A close-combat prototype is in the works. Until this is in proper, the other races (Tau and Tyranids especially) will not be involved due to the imbalances caused by removing an important game mechanic.

Credits go mostly to Games Workshop:

This mod is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited This is a free mod and is what one would classify as fan art. The designs, story and concept are all property of Games Workshop and as such I have no copyright on this work. However, the fan art that is this mod does belong to me, as any other fan art would belong to it's author. Which means, that unless I give permission the artwork, models, sounds, scripts, unit files and game design are not for use in other projects. You may play the mod all you want but I ask that you not modify it, disassemble it or take parts from it, this is my only request. Unless it's part of the gpl content (all the stuff made by Argh), in which case, have fun and go nuts.

--Guessmyname 14:38, 20 Jan 2007 (W. Europe Standard Time)