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Spring Engine Testing Release

Current test version: 103.0.1-1328-g882485f (02. September 2017)

Get It


Go to Tools->Download Archives, then enter

engine:spring 103.0.1-1328-g882485f develop

Click ok.


easiest way is by using pr-downloader (which is included into spring)

pr-downloader --download-engine "103.0.1-1328-g882485f develop"




  1. get the source
    1. creating the repo (first time only):
      git clone git:// spring_src
    2. update to latest sources:
      cd spring_src && git fetch && git checkout 103.0.1-1328-g882485f
  2. build by following the build from source guide, or in short:
    cmake -G "Unix Makefiles" . && make spring && sudo make install-spring

static builds

as alternative you can try the one of the linux static builds:

Mac OS X


App Bundle (tested on 10.6 Snow-Leopard only)

In case the above fails, check out alternative ways.


Make sure your lobby client is configured to use the correct spring binary & unitsync! On Linux, this will usually be /usr/local/bin/spring & /usr/local/lib/

Use one of the test lobby servers (recommended):


Or alternatively, configure your lobby so it does not insist using the release version of the engine:

  • SpringLobby: set DisableVersionCheck=1 in springlobby.conf
  • TASClient: press CTRL+SHIFT+F6 and enable "Ignore server version incompatibility"

Bugs and issues

Report on Mantis. Remember to upload infolog.txt if you crash!


For changes please look into the Change Log or the diff log for details.

See the topmost for changes to the upcoming version.