Contributing media

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Contributing media

It is possible for users to contribute screenshots and videos that will be shown on the media page and in the frontpage rotation. It is done by posting in the correct forum, and attaching your content to the post. After your post has been reviewed by a forum moderator it will be moved to a different forum and start to appear live on the site.

Uploading images

Post images in this forum. You may attach multiple images to a post. These are the guidelines for acceptable content: <to be written>.

Uploading videos

Post video clips in this forum. The maximum size for a clip is currently 10 megabyte. The video player is sized to display videos in 16:9 format, so this is the preferred aspect ratio. <more guidelines>


When you upload an image or a video, you should also tag it appropriately so that users can filter out interesting content. Suitable tags include the name of the game/mod and map featured. It is also useful to include those of these standard tags that apply. For examples, look at the existing posts in the content forum.

Commonly used tags

  • GUI
  • No GUI

Video preview image

When uploading a video clip, you must also include an image in the post. This image is displayed in the video player before the users clicks on 'play'. It should display some representative part of the video, and include a picture of a play button in the middle to indicate that the video can be started by clicking on it.