From Spring

At least a million widgets and gadgets have been done in Spring. But alot of cool things are lost because the game vanished or the idea never made it into a public release. Many items from Monthly_Topic_Rotation are actually done or could be done.

It also annoyed me that there are often forum threads where somebody explains in detail how to do something but its just lost in spam. So here is a collection of random things.

Some of the stuff might be outdated or rough "proves of concept":


Linked Units: if parent units dies, child units die too pseudo code + working gadget

Widget+Gadget - CEG Spawner working widget+gadget with chili ui

picture in picture screen working widget

Tower Defense ideas how it could be done TTD = Transportable Tower Defence mission - working example

cover system / units taking cover behind features etc ideas, code to check if unit is in cover. is now in spring tanks and evoRTS

collecting data from spring games

Unit path tracer

build order visualizer

unit movement, destruction, building placement

unit effectiveness by reading XP on destruction

unit movement, automatic visual replay in SVG notAtv

Ingame hitbox editor dynamic hitboxes, reading button presses from keyboard

Teleport areas (for units entering them), wrap around map working map with gadget

Posing units ingame by moving/rotating pieces to create keyframes or w/e hackish but working widget,gadget,unitscript brew

non clumping aircraft tags that make aircraft not clump

Multiple parts units, targeting parts of units (ie head or turret) discussion

different resource names (ie "wood" instead of "metal") an ugly widget

Units that die after a specified life time different ways to do it, working example

3D drawing library, weapon ranges in 3D, animated water zip file with various stuff

finite/limited metal

maps with lava nicer lava with shaders: ,

multi touch interaction

game mode: score points by dealing damage to a neutral unit

neat animations

tech tree

seperate players by a wall & timer map with working gadget

colored text some info about colors

How to make a ballistic weapon arc just a little different ways to do it

melee combat ideas, some pictures, script pieces

peace time to seperate teams before they can attack each other a map that does that

CEGs and unitDefs some other way to do it

noobs coming to mod spring

collection of "hi iam new" threads

creating new units in unitdefs_post.lua

Turret rotating independant from unit chassis example script pieces

units avoiding enemy units widget based on a paper

nicer map edges discussion, "endless texture"-widget on page 2
several versions from different people now in various games

Spring with 3D glasses widget

AI Ladder "SpringGrid" now dead project, source files available

Moving Metal Extractors (Mobile Mex) working scripts

fun with factories

mobile factory script

Multiple build pads possible?

building multiple units at once

web lobby in browser

chat about engine trees

BA with "Red Alert" eco working game with ore based economy

can I force a unit to shoot allies? ideas, talk

forest fires with Lua experiments

sharing variables across widgets (and making sure they all get them)

pixel shaders with Lua simple shader example even more primitive

railroad / train units very old but cool techdemo (probally needs fixing for current spring)

benchmarking spring something about some tool and similiar threads (Phoronix Test Suite)

Lua Lobby blabla about how to (not) implent it Lua Sockets implented in engine

"Mini Games" with Lua Tetris, Pacman, Snake, Pong

Camera at fixed height widget code

Lua IDE my text editor is better than yours

common Lua mistakes

a widget so bad we can all learn from it \o/

(mapping) Good way to generate detail texture distribution

(mapping) Proceduraly created map notAmap - procedural shape of map + set of nice hills

visible LOS / fog of war lua, engine

third person controlling a unit gadget, mutator

Lua weapondefs with inheritance

Multiple unit/feature/weapon defs per file

texture size and atlases

scale a unit bigger in gadget:DrawWorld

projectiles, SetProjectileTarget example gadget