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See Buildbot:Gentoo or Buildbot:OSX for how to set it up.

New (since 0.82)

Watch progress and errors of builds:

The outcome of builds can be found here:

Old (until 0.81)

The spring build-bot is a server that is setup to compile spring automatically, and is usable by everyone. It currently supports compiling for:

  • Windows 32bit with TDM-MinGW (default)
  • Windows 32bit with MinGW
  • Windows 64bit with MinGW
  • Linux with GCC

You may use the build-bot from within your Spring lobby client. Join channel #buildserv, type !help and follow the instructions. Most useful commands are !rebuild and !translate.

It is maintained by bibim and mainly used by devs for testing if their changes would compile on other systems too, but as it also generates windows installers, that can be downloaded by everyone, it can be also useful for casual users willing to try the latest changes to spring.

The outcome of builds can be found here: