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Battle hosts on the lobby server

All battle hosts that do not have a botflag are limited to a maximum number of 8 players, plus unlimited spectators. This includes both human hosters and autohosts.

Host admins that would like to get a botflag for an Autohost need to create a new thread in the Ingame Community Forum with "Botflag request" as topic title and the lobby username which should get the botflag. Note: A botflagged user account should not be used to play games on, except when hosting; otherwise it will not function correctly.

All users, including battle hosts, must adhere to the terms of service of the lobby server. In addition:

Battle hosts with a botflag

Hosts with a botflag are expected to encourage and maintain an environment in which users are able to play games, free from serious disruption and excessively hateful or obscene behavior.

Autohosts with a botflag are expected to appoint host owners and/or admins who are generally capable of maintaining the above expectations, with the help of the tools (pms/kicks/bans/mutes/plugins/etc) provided by the lobby server and SPADS. They should react and respond to all server commands in accordance with the lobby protocol. As part of the response to a !list users command sent via private message, the autohost must list the usernames of all host admins, and at least one contactable host owner. This list should be kept up to date.

Hosts with a botflag are normally expected to use the latest stable engine version, or a later developmental version, and to host content that is made available for automated download.

Hosts with a botflag may add additional features and enforce restrictions on their use (such as rank limits, plugins, special game modes) providing that they meet the above expectations. In extreme cases, if lobby moderators judge that the above expectations are consistently not met, lobby moderators may require that particular people are added and/or removed as host admins or owners, or that particular features/restrictions are removed. Hosts that do not comply will lose their botflag.

Battle hosts without a botflag

Hosts without a botflag are not subject to the same expectations as botflagged hosts, and are free to act as a private service provided by one or more users. Such hosts may arbitrarily appoint/remove their admins and owners, add additional features and enforce restrictions on their use, providing they remain within the terms of service of the lobby server.


All issues concerning users behaviour inside battle hosts should be reported to the hosts owners and admins. Springs moderators will not normally become involved in such cases. Issues of serious and prolonged disruption that extend beyond an individual battle host, or concern the conduct of host owners/admins, should be reported to Springs moderators via private message.

Note that the terms of service of the lobby server explicitly recognize that it will not be possible for Springs moderators, or autohost owners and admins, to maintain order at all times.