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Map Doodles

Hold the ` or \ key to draw on the screen with the mouse. This is the main gameplay screen, not the minimap. Only you and your allies can see these marks. Use this tool to mark out territory or warn of impending attacks, or mark enemy bases or play tic-tac-toe before the game. Good teams will use this frequently mark out attack patterns and enemy weak points. Be creative; do not be annoying. Drawing select portions of human anatomy on the map becomes very stupid very quickly.

Hold ` or \ while pressing the left mouse button (MOUSE1) to draw a line.

Hold ` or \ and double left click, then type a label then press ENTER to add a labelled point. This also causes a minimap ping and chat message notification.

Hold ` or \ while clicking the middle mouse button (MOUSE3/Scrollwheel Button) to add an empty point. This also causes a minimap ping and chat message notification.

Hold ` or \ and clicking the right mouse button (MOUSE2) will erase lines or points.

Note: On some keyboards, the ` is replaced with §, and it is also known as the ~ or tilde key. Usually this is the key between the Tab and Esc keys in the upper left corner of the keyboard. It can also be changed within the "uikeys.txt" file.

On azerty keyboards, * and ù (near return) work, although ~ does not. For German users you might give 'ö' a try!

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