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Mod Support
Supports Most Known Mods
Under Active Development
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The Source code of RAI is integrated into spring.

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Older Version Downloads

Mods with incomplete support:

  • BloX (transporters unsupported: can't figure out that guns are attached to the transporters to make a tank)
  • 1944 & Epic Legions (requires a unique method of destroying parts of the enemy base)
  • Fibre - units are controlled differently than RAI expected, AI-Events do not occur in the way that is expected
  • more generally, any mod that does not have controllable mobile attack units

How to compile on Linux

Recent versions of spring (0.77+) can compile it without any hassle, using both scons and cmake. A simple scons or make (if using cmake) will do.

For older versions of spring (0.76):

  • download spring sources here, and extract it somewhere
  • download RAI sources here, and save it into the {spring source}/AI/Global/ folder
  • install the glew development package - on Ubuntu it's sudo apt-get install libglew1.5-dev
  • open the project in CodeBlocks - there's a project file for CB provided in the RAI/CodeBlocks directory
  • then edit the sources a bit to have them be more cross-platform friendly - atm they use a windows function to create folders.
    • in v0.553: RAI/Global.cpp, edit line 4 to say #include <sys/stat.h> instead
    • for v0.600: this is RAI/RAI.cpp, line 10
    • in v0.553: RAI/Global.cpp, edit lines 157-158 to say:
      • mkdir( "AI/RAI", S_IRWXU | S_IRWXG | S_IROTH | S_IXOTH );
      • mkdir( "AI/RAI/Metal", S_IRWXU | S_IRWXG | S_IROTH | S_IXOTH );
    • for v0.600: this is RAI/RAI.cpp, lines 1086-1089
  • at this point, it'll compile fine, but give some warnings about int floats. The problem is that it doesn't generate a .so somehow though, so some voodoo magic needs to be done
    • Go to project properties, and under Build Targets, enable 'auto generate extension'.
  • now use clean the project, and recompile the whole thing. You should get a in the CodeBlocks directory.
  • to test, put the .so into ~/.spring/AI/Bot-libs/, and since SpringLobby will see it right away, try a single player game.

Version History


  • Fixes


  • terrain-map improvements (nearly complete universal map support)
  • map-areas generated for each mobile unit-type defined by slope,elevation,hovering,floating capabilities
  • units will, virtually, never attempt to make an impossible move (based on the starting terrain)
  • factories will no longer be build in sectors/areas that give their units access to less than 20% of the map
  • acid/lava and other harmful water maps are now properly detected and will not be built in or moved across (excluding units with hover/flying capabilities)
  • KAI's metal-map class has been removed & replaced
  • resource linking has been improved (expansion routes)
  • the power-manager class has been improved
  • early starting unit are monitored more closely to ensure that a starting base is build when possible

v0.551-v0.553 (spring v0.75b2-v0.76b1)

  • Fixes

v0.55 (spring v0.75b2)

  • Assault units now use basic attack groups
  • Remembering enemy positions outside of LOS/Radar
  • Restrict hovercraft on certain maps & mods
  • Player given orders are now followed until completion
  • Unit support added: nano turrets
  • Basic building placement added: defenses
  • Minor Changes/Fixes

v0.50 (spring v0.74b3)

  • Basic hub support & improved build list detection
  • Units will now use capture/resurrect/high trajectory and are more willing to reclaim
  • Builders will now upgrade extractors/geos
  • Expands a little more intelligently
  • A bit quicker expansion, slowly seizing available (metal/geo spots)
  • Minor Changes/Fixes

v0.40 (spring v0.74b2-v0.74b3)

  • Minor Changes/Fixes

v0.355 (spring v0.74b1)

  • Fixes

v0.350 (spring v0.73b1)

  • Improvements to Building Decisions.
  • Support for Water Units/Maps.
  • Minor Changes/Fixes

v0.300 (spring v0.73b1)

  • First Release

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