Some common problems and solutions

Some common problems and solutions

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Some common problems and solutions

Post by Fnordia »

It would seem the first beta release has gone fairly well at least, and people have managed to start playing and completing multiplayer games without problems. But there has also of course been a bunch of bugs discovered, we will try to release an update in the next few days with some fixes. Thanks everyone who has submitted bug reports.

Some problems can be solved directly though. First, several people who has had problem with crashes during load or directly after the loading is complete have resolved these by updating their graphics drivers. So try that first if you cannot get Spring to run.

Also, you have to install XTA when installing in order to get any units to play with. If you don't, you will have to install units from some other source in order to be able to play. If you are trying to play a multiplayer game, it is recommended that you install without deselecting anything in the regular installer.

The very first extra map has also been released, which is a remake of the classic Gods of War and is made by Redfish. There are some links in the download section for those who wants to try it out.
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Smashing good stuff.
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Post by WillRiker »

:x i had problems hosting my game, aparently when people tried to join it it gave them a "socket error" message. any bug maybe ...
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Post by BlackLiger »

Riker, go post in teh help forum for that...
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