Do not use spring for image hosting

Do not use spring for image hosting

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Do not use spring for image hosting

Post by PicassoCT »

Do not do it
Even if it is spring related.
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Re: Do not use spring for image hosting

Post by Forboding Angel »

Perhaps spring could actually have an image host using something like

Lock it's usage to forum accounts?

Not sure how useful that would be. Perhaps we just need a forum upload plugin that doesn't completely fucking suck.

Edit: I get the reasoning for trying to block people from using external sources like imgur, but doing so just forces more conversations elsewhere, like to discord, etc.

Why would I want to try to have a convo here when I could just have a convo on discord that is in real time and that if I need to attach examples I can just click and drag anything into the window. That's the logic anyway *shruggie*
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