Ultra Rare Events

Ultra Rare Events

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Ultra Rare Events

Post by Ares »

List your favourite rare events from BA. Some of mine.

I saw scout plane get hit by an emp that was aimed at an anti nuke in someones base, saving his base from being nuked.
I saw a nuke hit a patrolling plane, self destructing all of the allied AFUS underneath and half of the map along with it.
I saw a con kbot get hit by impulse of a punisher fly across the map and land on an enemy radar tower, destroying it with the impact.
I saw planes get hit by bertha shots.
I saw a buzzsaw get killed by 2 flak vehicles.
I saw a a minelayer and 3 heavy mines win a 1v1 in under 2min.
I saw 100 AFUS in 42 minutes
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Re: Ultra Rare Events

Post by Silentwings »

Direct hit on commander by an airborne peewee that was blasted across the map from another commander explosion => instant death.

The old triplet of mines in front of the mex trick.

Juno spam to disable ~all enemy radars and slowly walked a cloaked com right into enemy bases in an 8v8 DSD => dgun afus.

Guy that misclicked and dgunned his own kbot lab immediately after building it.

When you have enough eco to spam 1000s of fake commanders and win the game with streamroller pace tide of them.

When someone falls for "hold ctrl and type citadel".

Hovertrans + dgun.
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Re: Ultra Rare Events

Post by jamerlan »

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Re: Ultra Rare Events

Post by MasterBel2 »

A mass of maybe 100 air constructors shot by fighters down over a bank of nanos - building fuisons and converters. At the very least 10 of them, unselectable, survived and proceded to build the rest of their build orders, and then proceded to guard the lab as commanded.

Commander unloaded from a trasport and goes flying in circles around the map too fast to be hit, revealing the entire enemy base, and all its weak points. It was eventually stopped as the player controlling it told it to go somewhere and it finally landed.

Winning team goes to dgun a Krogoth and realises too late that it's their last commander

Exactly six nukes launched at a single antinuke (with exactly six missiles loaded). The last antinuke took too long to fire, and the nuke was detonated close enough to the ground to blow up the target base.

Transporters containing commandos were shared from a noob to a high ts player on their flight to the enemy base. Turned out that they ended up both being able to control the commandos at the same time.

Love the triplets of mines trick - never got it working though. Knobhead had it down to a fine art :)

Advanced fusions blown up by overjuno. By the same token, completely useless overjuno that destroys nothing at all.

When I fall for ctrl - BADWOLF. I realised fast enough to cancel.

Negatively paralysed structure. Never unparalysed. (especially) Unfortunately doesn't always end up permanently paralysed.

EMP war - two EMP launchers spending all their time firing at eachother

Purely t1 team won greenfields agains a team with a number of advanced fusions, because of excelling micro of t1 bombers against a dense t2 air screen

Advanced fusions destroyed by vulcan because of poorly placed defensive sheilds deflecting into the advanced fusions

Crawling bomb spam chained back to base, destroying all labs
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