Kernel Panic 4.5

Kernel Panic 4.5

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Kernel Panic 4.5

Post by zwzsg »

Kernel Panic had not been updated in 1.5 years, and its bits were slowly rotting.

This release adds nothing, but aims to scrub some of the bugs that appeared as engine evolved and KP stood still.

For instance, terminals were broken, instead on exploding on the target, the signals would fly around until their two minutes time-out made them vanish. Firewalls were broken, twice, by two different bugs. The single player menu was completely broken as well and would not load.

I didn't fix everything, though: Image

4.4 -> 4.5 changes:
  • Fixed bug about factories passing their pseudo-orders to their children
  • Added CanMove to all factory, because that's now necessary to let them have exit waypoints.
  • AI constructor are now given a tiny move order instead of the engine bugger_off, to prevent them getting stuck in cliffs
  • Fixed connection and gateway arcs not showing under Spring 94.0/1
  • Fixed firewall not halving and not reflecting damage under Spring 94.0/1
  • Fixed signal not dropping its payload under 94.0/1
  • Updated HexFarm version from 4 to 7, updated mission and skirmish code related to this map
  • Spring.Restart is now called with the empty string as option instead of -s, since -s is now a valid option
  • Fixed the Spring version parsing used in FillModSpecific.lua so that kp_spring_direct_launch.lua doesn't crash on version without decimals
  • Added sounds.lua, only to fix [Sound] Error: Unable to open audio file: FailedCommand
  • Changed carrier animation script to detect cancel differently
  • Removed the debug code in specialattack.lua that caused issue to Spring 87
  • Update the flows speed often, as an attempt to override max speed change getting reset
Note to Linux packagers: Please add something like a batch or a shorcut, labelled "Kernel Panic Single Player" that run Spring with this file as argument. And check that restarting a game through the Kernel Panic ingame menu works on Linux.
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Re: Kernel Panic 4.5

Post by FireStorm_ »

Nice work.
(wish I had time to remake my far-from-ideal maps)
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Re: Kernel Panic 4.5

Post by The Yak »

I remember this when it was early in development... I'll have to give it another try soon, thanks for getting it working again
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