High-Polygon units

High-Polygon units

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High-Polygon units

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Lots of people tend to think that Spring needs High-Polygon units, And I know that lots of people are trying to make them. However, there is no god place for people to talk about their work, with most of the threads being in some unknown corner, or even decending into flame-wars in french (dont ask about this one)! So this thread is just for people to discuss who is doing what, and to have a look at new models.

For conviniance and reference, I have created a wiki page for people to see what needs to be done. It contains a list of all the units (well only arm right now, as I cant find a list of core units) and who is working on them.
Go have a look here: http://taspring.clan-sy.com/wiki/Units:High-poly

I know there are already the Evolva models out, so if someone can also either update the wiki or point me towards a list of updated units I would be very grateful.
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