Xvfb running?

Xvfb running?

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Xvfb running?

Post by abma »

Xvfb is running on this server, why?

imo its wrong to run it on the springrts.com server. it seems it was installed by user, but it still locks weird to run a X session server, as springrts.com is not meant as Terminalserver...

i deinstalled Xvfb & killed the processes.

sorry if it was not correct, but its impossible to administrate an server when such services runs without any notice.
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Re: Xvfb running?

Post by Anarchid »

what ever it is
I'll deepen the mystery and say that the acronym xvfb unpacks into X Virtual Frame Buffer.

(thanks wiki!)

Maybe it's for graphic remote login?
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Re: Xvfb running?

Post by Licho »

Its used by wkhtmltopdf to generate pdf from html.
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