More The Cursed banners

More The Cursed banners

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More The Cursed banners

Post by azaremoth »

danil_kalina wrote:I like The Skeleton more than this guy with a sigarette

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Re: More The Cursed banners

Post by PicassoCT »

Im afraid of death and would like to see the skeletonic removed.

Also, beeing involved with some Kali-cult, we whoreship the skull as a holy symbol, and beeing offended with this banner, would like to take the chance to ask you for a personal conversation about Kali, your personal SaveOur. Everything in a small circle, just you, the heighpriest, a dagger.. maybee some musicians, and temple-concubines.
Dont worry, we dont use that much time up like those born_A_Gainers.

Completely unrelated question: You dont have any heartdiseases? The Godess gets quite volcanic stomage problems if sacrificed unpure organs.
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Re: More The Cursed banners

Post by danil_kalina »

but you have executed the skeleton) have taken the scalp off )))
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