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Re: Farewell

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SirArtturi wrote:
Sleksa wrote: I could've replied to his post seriously, but after 2 tries i just found it too demanding. If a person cant read the simplest statistics, how could i assume he'd be able to understand such things as politics or history
Lol, I felt very much the same.
Sleksa wrote:edit: were derailing the thread pretty nicely here~~
It's actually funny and interesting how this topic derailed into a discussion of Finnish struggle in winter war - At least partly...
hehe,this entire thread was just a joke anyway.
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Re: Farewell

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Aren't most of them?
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Re: Farewell

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why internet people always "i have higher intelligence than you" in arguments

it is so lame

and likely not true

You didn't understand what I said even though it was basic - then you comment about intelligence..
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Re: Farewell

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Have there been any recent advances towards farewell?
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Re: Farewell

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Sleksa wrote:

edit: were derailing the thread pretty nicely here~~
pfffhfhh offtopic is the new ontopic

So gota is most of the population in israel reservists and do they have guns at home?
(I think suisse people have assault rifles at home)
Will they be reactivated in case of a big war?
I just heard that everybody male and female has to do military service.
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