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Need for Speed: Shift is awful

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Re: Need for Speed: Shift is awful

Post by 1v0ry_k1ng »

but the trailer looks so awesome

and its made by the half of the team that made cod4, while the cod5 team are hopefully hung and castrated for, among other crimes, cramming levels with invisible barriers. that shit was terrible.
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Re: Need for Speed: Shift is awful

Post by Spawn_Retard »

1v0ry_k1ng wrote:
Pxtl wrote:
knorke wrote:has there ever been a game series hat stopped sucking after it had started sucking?
they never come back.
Several. The Megaman series fluctuated in and out of suck frequently.

Twisted Metal: Black was better than TM3 and 4.
CoD 4 ---> CoD:WaW -----> CoD 6, hopefully
WaW should never be considered a call of duty game, and or in anyway better than modern warfare.
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Re: Need for Speed: Shift is awful

Post by knorke »

the same way how all need for speed games after nfs:porsche should not be called nfs.
world racing 2 contiunes the spirit much better and is the real successor imo.
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